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Why Is Financial Independence Important In Marriage

Most women only know about financial independence when they start working independently and live alone because they are responsible for earning and spending their money. Make sure tobook a free consultation. However, it is not uncommon for women to relinquish their financial obligations to their partners, while on the other hand they take over the care of the household. Although such “obligation” division can work well, the fact that women no longer monitor their finances make women more vulnerable and vulnerable to economic violence.

According to a survey conducted several years ago, almost a third of women experienced some kind of economic violence, such as denying access to financial resources or using their personal financial resources without their. 24 percent of women have experienced economic violence and have ceased their relationship with their former partner through non-payment of subsidies or financial or material denunciation.

It is crucial to talk about finances

And a good part of such economic violence could be avoided by talking and negotiating at the very beginning of a common life. Because couples at the beginning of the relationship often avoid talking about finances, partly because they do not consider it important, partly because they do not know how to start such a talk, and partly because they are not thinking about finances. However, as the relationship becomes more serious, that question could just ascertain whether this relationship will survive. Namely, it is not uncommon for men to earn more than women. In fact, the situation in which a woman earns more than a man is more exception than a rule.

Therefore, every couple, whether in a joint or marriage relationship, should talk seriously about finances and real estate before making any concrete decisions.

You should agree on how to pay your bills, credits, and other common financial obligations and these obligations to pay a joint account for both partners to make money. And in that case, one partner will be the account owner, and others will have the power to access funds from that account because banks do not allow the opening of multi-owner accounts. Personal accounts should still stay just this – personal.

Many laws, on the other hand, allow several persons to be claimed as property owners, but also point out that any real estate acquired in marriage or during a spurious relationship is a shared property and is shared as such. So even if the apartment in which she lives is not on her name, and is purchased during marriage or relationship, the woman is entitled to half or a payout equivalent to half the value of the property.

Financial independence of women

Although women often make it easier to care for a man’s finances, and take care of children and households, they lead to a vulnerable position if anything happens to the man (say, in case of serious illness or death).

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