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Whiteout Causes Chain Crash On US-131

A traffic crash involving a tow truck shut down the northbound US-131 near Plainwell. The accident occurred just before noon on Thursday, and the driver is known to have sustained serious injuries. He is however expected to make a full recovery since none of his wounds were life-threatening. Allegan County police officers say that even in these terrible weather conditions, many of the crashes can be avoided if only drivers took due caution and drove more slowly instead of hurrying down the road.

Tow Truck on Call Hits Semi

According to truck accident attorneys in the area, the driver was on route to a call for a tow when he crashed with a semi-truck. The Allegan County Sherriff’s office has released a press notice about the incident. The driver has been identified as 63 year old Roger Brock of Plainwell.

His daughter-in-law Jamie Brock, whose family runs the Brock Towing service in Plainwell, said that he suffered lacerations on his head and face, a broken leg, and a collapsed lung in the accident. Roger Brock had to undergo surgery for his fractured leg and the injuries he suffered on his chest, but he will be back on the road soon.

Brock also said that the weather was partly to blame for the accident. She said that she saw several cars in the ditch when on the way to the hospital to check on her father-in-law, and that the white out conditions did not make any easier on drivers to avoid collisions.

K-9 Police Cruiser Part of the Crash

According to the truck accident attorneys in Plainwell, the two truck and the semi were not the only vehicles that were part of the accident. One police cruiser was also involved. The cruiser belonged to an Allegan County Sherriff’s office deputy who is part of the K-9 team in the area. The deputy, Dave Homes, who has 16 years of experience as a K-9 handler, was parked in his patrol vehicle with the lights on when he was rear-ended by another vehicle. The deputy was treated for minor injuries in the Borgess-Pip Hospital and was later sent home.

Roger Brock was responding to the call for towing away the police cruiser when he suffered his accident. The crash caused the US-131 to be closed down for a while.

Whiteout and Snow is to Blame, say Locals

Locals say that the heavy snow on the roads creates conditions that are not conducive to driving and that can cause serious accidents. Kalamazoo County has seen many such accidents in the recent days and most of them can be attributed to the wintry conditions that make driving really tough.

Brenda Khonele, whose vehicle was also part of the chain crash in Plainwell, says that she was driving down to Grand Rapids in her car when she suddenly hit a patch of ice and the whiteout conditions outside made it impossible to stop. She says that before she knew it, she had come upon the accident with the tow-truck and had become a part of the chain crash herself. Thankfully, she was not hurt in the accident but her vehicle suffered minor injuries.