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What Would Be Considered a Workers Comp Accident?

Workers compensation covers a really broad number of different types of injuries. Workers compensation accidents can happen in an office building where people work at desks or on a construction site when a new building is being built. There really is no one situation where a workers compensation accident happens.

We asked a workers compensation attorney in Seattle for some examples of different workers compensation accidents. They shared these three different scenarios with us and we want to share them with you. Being aware of what may be considered a workers comp accident is always good to have on your mind.

  • Office Job

It is hard to picture an accident happening when you work behind a desk, but they do. Types of accidents that occur inside of an office building usually have to do with the maintenance of the building. Some situations include wet floors, broken chairs, and poor electrical. You may fall in the break room and break your ankle because the floor was wet and there wasn’t a sign. You may be sitting in the chair that your office provided when it breaks and you fall and injure your wrist. Maybe an electrical outlet has gone bad and it shocks you when you try and plug something in.

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These types of accidents happen in office building and they are just as much considered workers comp accidents as a construction accident is.

  • Construction Site

The obvious workers compensation accident occurs when you have a manual labor job. A very common workers comp injury occurs at the site of construction. Your construction partner may have accident put a nail through your hand or you may have tripped over debris that were supposed to be cleaned up. The level of injury on these types of sites greatly vary, but it is important to remember that they all need to be documented.

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You may not realize how significant your injury is when it first occurs. However, often times injuries progress as time goes on and you want to have it documented in case you need to have medical care down the road from the injury. Often, if you didn’t document the injury when it occurred, workers compensation will not cover the financial aspects of your claim.

No matter where or how your workers’ comp accident occured, you need to sit down with your employer and get the situation in writing. Filing a claim is always the best choice regardless of how significant the injury seems to be at the time.