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Waiving Defaulters and Pilferers – Do You have only such Solutions, Mr. Kejriwal?

In the name of “Janta ka andolan” and “Janta ki sarkar”, Arvind Kejriwal has done something which he shouldn’t have done. The self claimed Janta ka rakshak has exempted all the defaulters who have not paid electricity bills from a period of 10 months and also pilferers who were charged for electricity theft for robbing electricity during these months. The reason, Well Mr. Kejriwal, then, had gone for a civil disobedience movement urging people not to pay electricity bills.

Any Tom, Dick and Harry comes, goes in for any movement and if by fluke wins an election even tries to violate the constitution by supporting pilferers. Kejriwal has done the same thing, the man who claims to be the aam aadmi’s savior has turned out to be a disaster by supporting unauthentic things, which is neither good for the economy nor the public’s welfare.

Moreover, this man also violates the Electricity Act and hence the constitution. While, a cartoonist wins a ticket to prison for expressing his thoughts by drawing wolves instead of lion over anti-corruption, why ain’t this newly elected CM not being showed the same door for violating the constitution by breaking it or even thinking of doing so?

A self proclaimed man of the people, how can he even justify the term? Last heard, he is trying to solve people’s grievances by doing this as promised by him prior to Delhi elections. Now, tomorrow, other Mr. Kejriwal will show moon and stars to people and Indians thinking him to be a messiah votes for him, but by any chance if he wins, he will again violate some things which will again go against the people and country. Don’t you think, we too are partly responsible for this?

Now, do we want our economy to go further down? Whatever Kejriwal is doing – Is it really feasible or does it really make sense? If Kejriwal has such nonsense solutions for the country, I’m sure we do not want him sitting on the important chair of Chief Minister.

In addition, transferring officials from one place to another, is that again a solution for wiping out corruption? Although his words might have fooled us in the beginning that he is a man of thoughts who really want to change India and its destiny, his actions have alighted us pre Lok Sabha elections.

Apologies Mr. Kejriwal, but if you have only such unauthentic solutions for the country, we are not at all interested to see you as CM, forget about the post of PM!