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The Various forms of Psychic Reading you can go for

Psychic reading is an interesting tool to explore what future has got to offer to you. People opt for different kinds of readings depending on the faith they carry about each one of them.

The different types of psychic readings are:

  1. Astrology – This is a reading which is entirely based on position of moon, Sun and other planets. This is purely a method of astral observation. Lot of people believes firmly in this kind of a psychic reading. The reader also gives certain solutions to the problems of clients by offering them some stones.

  2. Aura Reading – Aura is described as the energy surrounding the human body. A lot of psychic readers claim to predict future by reading or analyzing the aura of the clients. Though there has not been any logical conclusion of the same and the readers fail to prove how they predict future using the aura.

  3. Tarot Reading – This is again a very popular form of reading. In this reading, the reader makes use of the deck of cards. It is also known as the playing card reading.

  4. Cleromancy – It involves using small objects and read them by their position and orientation. There are many variants of these used across the globe.

  5. Distant Readings – Distant readings involve telephone lines where the counseling and advice is given over the phone. It is usually used by big companies as the cost involved in doing this is too high. Psychic texts & Chat readings are gain a very common form of reading which follows the general question and answer format.

  6. Numerology – This deals with how numbers influence the human life.

  7. Palm reading – This is again very popular psychic reading which involves analyzing the curves, lines and shapes on the palm and relating it with the human life.

  8. Psychometry – It is a method with which even the missing persons could be located. The reader analyzes the most desired object of the person which could be anything.

  9. Rune Reading – It is a form of reading which involves casting spell on others. It is popularly used by witches.

Psychic phone readings could be done in these many different forms. The best and the widest used form remain online chatting and texting though. People find it absolutely convenient and private. Moreover, online reading involves a vast number of astrologers to choose from.