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US Immigration Attorneys Worried About Errors In Legal System, Which Could Send Minor Immigrants Home

In search of a better life and good opportunities, a rising number of minors have been entering the US illegally, ignoring America’s sovereignty. They have been doing this through the southwest border of the country, in an illegal manner. They belong mostly to the countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras and have landed in the US at the behest of their US-based extended family. The extended families have also become their local sponsors and have filed cases in the Orlando Immigration court to legalize the stay of their minor relatives.

The immigration attorneys have been swamped with hundreds of such cases and they are burning the midnight oil to obtain justice for all the minor immigrants. The minors want to stay in the US, as they believe that they can get a better life here, compared to the hardships that they face in their country of birth. But America is no country picnic either. It takes money to remain in America and America tax payers are already in debt. What is the point of being in America if you are years behind your classmates in education and do not speak any English? A lifetime of fast food jobs is in your future, if that. There are only so many jobs to go around.

Drugs and Death

Edin is a 17-year-old teenager, who was born in Guatemala and he illegally immigrated to US through the Texan border. His life back home was full of death threats by the local goons according to him, who had also murdered his father. In order to escape death, he risked everything he had to cross over to the border. However, along the way, he had a terrible ordeal when he was crossing as the human-smugglers indulged in drugs and drinking. They also wanted to rape the females who were crossing over to the border.

While entering the border, Edin ran into the officials from the US Customs and Border Protection and he was taken into custody, on account of illegally entering the country.

The World is Violent

However, his Florida-relatives learned of his plight and they rushed to his aid. He has been released on bail but the court case is still pending and the final judgment is awaited. Edin spoke to the news channels and highlighted the difficult life he had in Guatemala and also the hardships that he faced when he undertook the 13-days journey to reach US as an illegal immigrant. He feels that he has cheated death numerous times and ought to be allowed to stay in US for a better future. Other people say there have been billions of other non-Americans who have cheated death as well who would also like to enter America illegally.

Edin’s immigration attorney is Cynthia Tolbert and she is planning to ask for a claim for asylum, on the grounds of the fact that Edin’s father was murdered back home and Edin entered the US, worried for his personal safety.

There are hundreds of Edin’s out there, who are fighting for permanent residency in the US but who also violated American law and do not even know English. The US legal system has seen a steady rise of such cases in the recent times and the immigration attorneys are actually worried that a few of the cases might not get the justice that they deserve due to the fast-track court system.

America Still has not Secured its Southern Border

The immigration cases are being given priority in the Orlando courts and the first hearing for each case ought to be held in 21 days, from the date of arrival. This implies that the cases are being rushed needlessly, and some of the immigrants might be turned back home, due to legal errors. This would not bother too many Americans though as they see their schools fill up with students who may have social issues and who certainly do not know English. They may not even know math either! A classroom only moves as fast as its slowest student.