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Urban Cultivator for Larger Quantities of Fresh Produces

Food products bought from the grocery may not be fresh all the time. If you are amongst those many people who wish to serve yourself and your family or guests with only fresh yields then cultivating those items on your own is the best way. But not everybody owns a farm land or big plots of land where they can cultivate anything they want. In the present day city life land availability is indeed a big issue. But technology has introduced indoor gardening appliances that allow one to grow herbs and vegetables in indoor garden and there is no need for a separate greenhouse room a garden area. With the help of these appliances it is possible to grow in an equally productive and efficient manner as in case of the traditional ways.

Urban Cultivator is what you need

You would be really happy with the results given by your indoor gardening. But if you feel like the small tabletop appliances are not enough for you, then the Urban Cultivator is just what you need. It can be used for both residential and the commercial purposes. These two types of models have been enabled to be connected with a water tank. Thus you don’t have to worry about the amount of water you need to give your plants and also when to water your plants as well. Both the models are designed with an intuitive control panel that can efficiently determine the amount of water that is required and also the number of hours the light is required to be turned on. The Urban Cultivator also has a built in fan that ensures humidity and air circulation for enabling better growing conditions for the plants.

Things you should know

The Urban Cultivator model for the residential uses has 4 trays whereas the one that is meant for the Commercial purposes can accommodate 16 trays. The Urban cultivator allows you to use fresh ingredients for cooking and it doesn’t take too much of your time as well. Investing just a few minutes every week would do pretty well for it. Also it consumes very less power as well.

It is just another appliance like a washing machine or a dish washer. It also efficiently warns you when you are required to add the nutrients to the plants. The Urban Cultivator comes to good use for the restaurants and for other commercial purposes as it is of much greater capacity. You can grow good qualities for yourself or your guests that are fresh and healthy.