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Two Truck Accidents this Week in Arkansas Leaves Seven Dead

Interstate 30 in southwest Arkansas, near a city called Hope, saw a deadly crash on Tuesday night. According to police reports, five people from Indiana were killed in the crash which occurred near mile marker 31 on the I-30.

Just before 7 on Tuesday evening, a Dodge van driven by 77 year old Ronald Pate of Indiana, which was travelling east in the right lane perched partially on the shoulder, made a sudden left turn and hit an oncoming semi-truck. The truck hit the driver side of the van and pushed the Doge into the medium between the eastbound and westbound routes of the I-30. The 18 wheeler truck left all the five people inside the car dead.

Five Dead in Van Crash

The victims of the crash have been identified as Ronald Pate, 77; who was the driver of the car, Phillip Pate, 81, Connie Richards, 69, Gloria Bryant, 70, and Donna Pate, 75. The members of the Pate family came from Bloomington, in Indiana, while Richards was from a town called Fishers and Bryant was from Solsberry. The driver of the 18 wheeler semi involved in the accident escaped unharmed. He has been identified as 32 year old Sheldon Schultz, of Wisconsin. The driver was taken by the authorities to have his blood sample drawn for a test to see if he had been driving under the influence.

But what does that matter really? He was within the law, driving straight in his lane.

Hempstead County Coroner Ben Brazzel has said that the victims were on their way back home from Houston, Texas, when the accident happened. The crash is currently under investigation and no further reports have been released citing the real reason for the accident nor if there were any Wynne Arkansas truck accident lawyers already involved in the case.

West Memphis Sees another Fatal Accident

As if the Hope accident was not enough, Wednesday saw another spate of fatalities in Arkansas. This time, several 18-wheelers, a pick-up truck, and a Highway Patrol vehicle were involved in a crash on I-40 in West Memphis killing two and injuring others. The I-40 remained closed on Wednesday after the crash and authorities were busy trying to keep things under control.

The two killed in the I-40 crash have been identified as Robert Billings and Iketa Winchester. Billings was driving a van, and Iketa was in a semi according to Wynne Arkansas truck accident lawyers. Three people had to be taken to the hospital which included a child. The injured were identified as Ralph Herring, Louis Hatchet, and Robert Hale. The highway patrol officer involved in the crash was not seriously injured.

The crash occurred when the 18 wheeler clipped a vehicle on the road and hit the other cars before ending up in flames. Detectives who have been investigating the crash think that the bad weather may have played a part in it. The crash happened outside the Missouri exit, near the I-55 split. Two miles from there is an active construction zone.

Terrible Chemicals

The accident left traffic stranded for several minutes and backed up for at least 20 miles. Hazmat crews were in attendance throughout Wednesday night cleaning up the site and removing hazardous diesel spills and acid that spilled from one of the semi-trucks.