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Why To Translate Documents

You might not realise it but the tone set by a piece of text can greatly affect your reaction to the text’s message. Is it casual or formal? Is it full of technical language or is it simply a quick email sent between colleagues?

When it comes to translating documents it is often this tone that becomes lost and confused. Unless you are a native speaker of the translated language then it is unlikely that you will be able to put across the correct tone. If you attempt to put your text through a free online document translator then the tone will go out the window!

When you translate documents then it is always worth going to a professional translating agency which uses native speakers of the intended language, this means that you will receive a translation that will appear natural to other native speakers. I would specifically recommend an agency if you are attempting to translate a document in which a ‘literal’ translation is wanted, yet you want to make sure that your text actually makes sense. Free online translating software has not been inbuilt with the ability to correctly translate ‘turns of phrases’ or medical or legal terminology. This means that you will often receive either an untranslated phrase in return or a sentence that does not make sense.

If the document is of importance I would always put it through an agency, most professional agencies off confidential services that will ensure the safety of your translated document. With online software you can never be certain that your document will not be kept or passed onwards to a source you might not agree with. Some translating agencies will even remove customer details from a document before passing the text over to the translator.

Always research your options before settling on which agency to use, there are always different levels of professionalism and services. Make sure you are always using the right one for you or your company.