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Train Your Body And Let Your Mind Follow

It feels great to reach out and achieve goals but it feels greater still to watch others achieve it under your guidance , It is like planting a tree and watching it grow, guiding it and nurturing it. Becoming a personal trainer is about more than just being a trainer of a class, you have to bond with the person you are training , set a goal for the person  that feels realistic, but is still far enough to be challenging, all the while keeping the fire in the person alive. That is why we at Wexford University are here with an online personal trainer certification program for you to become a personal trainer at the comfort of your own home, for more info you can refer http://www.wexford.edu/personaltrainercertification.

Why to choose Wexford University?

The program of personal trainer certification is approved by renowned institutions such as NESTA, MMACA, NASM,SI. This university has been approved by The State of California on this program, and has been continually approved since the university’s inception in 1999. With this certificate you can practice or open your business in any state of the U.S. and throughout the whole world.

  • The certificate we provide is the most comprehensive certification designation in the field and since the course is online you don’t have to travel anywhere for classes, even the tests are held online.
  •  The program has lenient deadline of 6 months during which you can work the training program into your schedule according to your will, there is no limitation on how fast you can finish the course.
  • You will be gearedup for opening your own business with modules on business, career mastery and marketing from the world’s leading experts.
  • The certification will have the same appearance as Wexford University Diploma’s
  • Only eligibility required is that the candidate must be 18 years of age and must have a high school diploma or GED.

How to go about getting certified?

The enrollment is online as well as the tests and quizzes. The course from its beginning to completion is divided into 14 modules. There is a quiz at the end of each module except the 14th module which is the exam itself. The modules are all about giving comprehensive knowledge of biomechanics, functionality of the body, nutrition, sports performance,conditioning, preventing injuries etc. We will also provide you with 26 bestselling books that will help you towards advancing your career to a successful fitness entrepreneur.