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A Toy For Your Cat – Give Her What She Needs For Her Real Entertainment

Yes there are various toys for your cats. In the market you could be finding toys for but there is a problem. Some toys coming for pets are generally soft toys or rubber based and unfortunately these toys turn out harmful for your pet. Because of depositing dirt or some harsh ingredients these toys don’t turn out to be your cat’s best friends. Only toy that ever remains your cat’s favourite is the bird catcher and is certainly one of the best cat toys in the market. This is a very cool toy for your cats who could be having loads of fun jumping and running with the toy.

How to use the bird catcher?

This toy is very simple and easy to use. Coming with two connectible rods, they are connected and then with the help of some coloured feathers you will be creating an impression of their prey in air. Because of their basic instinct to capture the flying feathers as their prey, they keep jumping in the air with da bird cat toy.

What’s new in bird catcher pro?

The bird catcher pro is far more reliable than the primitive bird catchers. The two connecting rods are made up of strong fibreglass to provide high durability and safety to the toy. For holding purpose there is a heavy duty grip provided at the end of the rod. The general problem encountered in the earlier bird catcher was the loosening of the joint of connecting rods, but with the new bird catcher pro you will not be finding any chance of loose connections.

The bird catcher pro comes with refill or additives so that the toy always remains interesting for your cat. The bright refills and da bird replacement feathers will make sure your cat holds interest in the toy.

Benefits of bird catcher pro

This will give a wonderful interactive session for your cat as can be seen in this video:

You could play hours with your cat and the bird catcher pro. Watching your cat do all sort of jumps and leaps to capture its prey will bring smile on your face? Apart from your entertainment your cat will also be doing a lot of physical work which is actually necessary for her. Squatting on the floor will make your cat nothing but a lazy piece of potato on the couch. This laziness will invite diseases and obesity to your cat. But will bird catcher pro you will give her the required session of exercise to remain healthy and fit.