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Top 5 Car Interior Accessories

It is known that the average person spends approximately 10 years of their life inside a car, which makes it not only a simple mean of transportation, but also a place to relax, have some snack, communicate with friends, read, you name it. In order to ensure maximum comfort and satisfaction in a vehicle, designers are working hard to offer various gadgets and accessories. Many manufactures of vehicles, like Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Mazda, known for their innovative approach, offer original accessories of different kinds. However, if you are not a lucky owner of these brands, it’s no use being disappointed because it is possible to buy and install any possible accessory you want which will satisfy all your needs. In this article we are going to look at top 5 interior accessories.


1. Gear knob

Did you know that you can personalise your gear knob the way you like making all your crazy dreams and ideas come true. there are plenty of stylish and fun upgrades to your existing gear knob which suit most vehicles with lift and non-lift reverse gear boxes. Revive your car interior with either aluminium or leather finish and incredible motives ranging from flabs to dragons. By the way, you can personalize it as you wish putting your own photo on it.

2. Back rests and seat cushions

Even if you are not a long distance truck driver, you might experience a very irritating back pain. Commuting a long way to work every day you spend much time at the wheel and you might consider purchasing a backrest or seat cushion which positions your back in a way that is not harmful to your posture. Those who have already problems with scoliosis know that seat cushions play a huge part in relieving you of strain on your spine and help significantly decrease back pain.

3. Mobile and navigation device accessories

Every driver is interested in secure way to deal with different gadgets like cell phones and navigators. Different in car vent mounts are designed specially to securely hold any GPS device or a cell phone. The dash mount is aimed at preventing slipping and promotes safe driving and now you don’t have to worry that your smartphone will fly off the dashboard. Most models t can be rotated 360 degrees making it easier for you to position your smartphone or GPS navigator as you wish. Choose a mount with adjustable brackets for secure hold. These brackets can expand to fit most smartphones. Also pay attention to easy cable management of this device. It must keep your phone’s connector tangle free so it can stay neatly connected to your device.

4. Car organizers

Various vehicle organizers, as you might understand, help to organize your trunk or rear cargo space efficiently. If you do not want different stuff like sports gear, tools, office files, gas cans, bottles rolling around in your vehicle, you need this necessary thing. Such organizers must be lightweight for quick removal and installation, it is preferable for them to have non-leak bottom which would keep spills off carpeting and gripper pads to prevent sliding inside the vehicle.

5. Sunshades and sunscreens

These accessories are irreplaceable if you want to keep your car or truck cool during the summer or to block the sun from your eyes. Sunshades available on the market come in different colors and designs and made of different materials:static cling sun shades, retractable sun shades (great for when driving with children), it is possible to order sun shades specifically for your car, especially when it comes to luxury cars like top notch Mercedes-Benz E-class.

If you want your car to be comfortable and have a distinctive design, why don’t you upgrade it with the help of various interior accessories coming in stunning range in the autoshops.