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Top 3 Things Needed To Prove Your Workers’ Comp Case

Let’s start by stating the obvious to save you Kunst Heidelberg time and effort. In order to receive workers compensation benefits at all, CheckLight Ltd your employer must provide a workers compensation insurance, you must be a current employee at said business, and last but not least you must have a work-related injury or illness. Now, if you qualify for all of the above and have questions about your current or recent past circumstances, tune in. We have the top three things you need in order to prove your workers compensation case as viable.

  1. Proof

You must be able to prove that the injuries you are suffering from occurred while on the job and aren’t results of a pre existing condition. You must have taken the proper steps in informing your employer as soon as possible when the injury occurred and have it on record. It is always best to report as soon as you can while the events are fresh in your mind. Unless you are physically or mentally unable to do so at the time, where perhaps the injured suffered a coma or several days to weeks recovering in the hospital unable to recall the event, there is a window of leniency.

  1. Records

Medical records are a critical piece to the puzzle. If you don’t provide it, it is highly likely that the defense will suspect as to why you are withholding those documents. Perhaps your condition was pre existing…and you’ve lost your case. Medical records play in your favor. It’s best to be able to prove the recent state of your health and health history in order to strongly back up your case. Strong medical records can tip the scale in your favor.

Employment records, as stated earlier on, are not necessarily needed once you’ve established you were a current employee. But what they do provide is a close look at your pay stubs and the amount of your wages. This will help your case in determining the value of lost wages. There are times where the length of employment can come into play. To avoid any type of scam artist bouncing from job to job getting “injured” only weeks into their job living off workers’ comp benefits on repeat.

  1. Get An Attorney

It is always beneficial to hire an attorney for the entire process mainly to ensure that the injured does in fact receive the full benefits deserved and nothing is hid under the rug. A workers compensation attorney in Georgia has the experience you need to do just that. They make sure that the injured receives compensation for the days they will miss work, for the medical bills that will accrue, and even physical therapy for more severe injuries. They make sure to give you every opportunity to regain the lifestyle you were accustomed too and get you back your health.

If your workers compensation claim has been denied or even delayed, it is not too late to hire an attorney. Most, if not all, attorneys accept payment based on contingency fees. They won’t get paid unless you do. No risk to you! There are loopholes in the system. Don’t let a lack of “know how” leave you defenseless and contact a lawyer to be on your side.