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Tips to Promote Your Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter is a great place to fuel your dream projects and campaigns. You have this brilliant option to put your campaign into the right category offered by kickstarter. Kickstarter is a great innovative concept to help you fund your dreams and that too with a lot of added advantage. Crowdfund911 is one such place from where you can get some help.

Build the community of people which could be potential funders

The first step towards promoting your kickstarter campaign is to build a community of people around. You have to get in touch with people who could relate with your project and are ready to support you in whatever little ways they could. For this you need to give a detailed picture of what your campaign is all about and the idea behind it which got you to do it. The people who like the idea of your campaign would then come upfront via kickstarter to help you fund it.

Connect your facebook account to kickstarter

The second step towards kickstarting a campaign is to connect your kickstarter campaign with your facebook account. This helps you to spread a word around among your friends, family and acquaintances that you are starting a campaign soon. This helps your campaign gain a good popularity which is a prime motto in order to make it successful.

Upload a Video

The other way of gaining instant popularity is to upload a video about your campaign on the kickstarter’s website. The video should be shot nicely and should revolve around the primary objective of this campaign. This would get a lot of people to start talking about your aims and aspirations through this campaign. Uploading a video could fetch you enough attention needed to run the show.

The best part about uploading your campaign on kickstarter is that you may get your entire campaign funded without paying any big money to kickstarter for providing the platform to make it happen. The kickstarter only charges about 5% of the fee if the campaign is successfully funded. If by any chance, the campaign could not be funded successfully than no fee is ever charged by the kickstarter. The other benefit is that kickstarter is a reliable platform and it prefers supporting and hosting all kinds of creative projects. There are millions of visitors visiting kickstarter every day which give you a broad support base right from the beginning.