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Tips to Lower Your International Courier Costs

The international market

Ever since the online shopping sites have been gaining popularity, the market has expanded. No longer are people restricted about the place and they can purchase stuff from anywhere they like because most of the online shopping sites offer the option of delivery at doorstep even in international grounds. While this is beneficial, it is also very costly. The transportation and delivery charges across the border do not come at low prices and thus you have to include these charges in the price of the product making your product expensive and thereby making people hesitant in purchasing them. So what is the way out of this situation?

Tips to lower your international courier costs

Lower the costs

International parcel delivery is bound to be expensive. If you want to increase your profits you will have to handle this area with sensitivity. The first thing that you must do is select a delivery company that has branches all over the world. You must select a company that is reliable since your reputation will be affiliated with them but at the same time is also not over the top in price range. Most of the people judge reliability with the prices but that is not true. Try to settle for a smaller company.

Since the costs depend on the weight of your product, you must make sure that the packaging material that you use is not too heavy. Do not waste money on extravagant packaging when simple packaging would suffice.

If your package is less than 2kg, you can use the air delivery medium which caters to all parts of the world and to can send a courier to Germany or any other place you like.

Always incorporate the shipping charges in the price of the product but you will have to do thus wisely. If you state a very high price for shipping exclusively, people will stop and wonder if they are doing the right thing. The way out for you is to increase the cost of the product while at the same time decreasing the shipping charges or even stating that shipping is for free. Although there will be no change in rates, but people tend to view shipping charges as a different entity and something that can be avoided

Approach wisely

International market is huge for sellers and a profitable one too as long as you do not over play your hand. You must be aware of the problem that you will have to have to face if you are thinking of entering the international place. The courier company that you select must be trust worthy and deliver the products on the time specified by you; otherwise you will lose the trust of your customers. Shipping costs can be expensive but you can control them if you are wise enough to approach it with caution. Always leave room for your profit and do not promise things you cannot possibly deliver. Be honest yet clever in your dealings.