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Three Most Common Causes Of Car Accidents

As a car accident lawyer in Covington, Michael sees car accident claims come through his office regularly. An incredible number of car accidents could be avoided had more precautions been taken when the driver of the automobile stepped into the car. There are a few very common reasons that accidents occur that could easily be avoided.

Lack of Seatbelt

While wearing your seatbelt isn’t going to protect you from being in a car accident, it is going to protect you from sustaining very bad injuries. Without a seatbelt on, the likelihood that you will be a ejected from the car during a bad accident increases substantially. Wearing your seatbelt helps protect you and keep you inside of the vehicle, which is often the best option. Staying inside of the vehicle keeps you from having any chance of having your body thrown onto a pavement road which is where horrific injuries occur.

Cell Phone Use

How often are you driving down the road and noticed the person next to you is looking at their cell phone? Are they texting on their cell phone, or are they talking on it? And it becomes more common every time you get into the car to notice the people around you on their phones. Driving with your phone in your hands is something that will cause bad accidents. Driving distracted is one of the biggest causes of bad accidents. It’s simple, wait until you’re out of the car to return any phone calls or text messages while you’re driving.

Inside Distractions

We live in a busy world where it seems that we never have enough time to get done the things which we need to do in a day. As we were driving, it appears that we have free time on our hands to handle the things that we needed to do. Did you need to write a check to pay your mortgage payment? Did you need to make a phone call and jot down a couple notes? Well all of these things seem like an easy thing to do while you were driving in the car, they cause accidents. There are so many different ways for you to become so distracted inside of your car, and they are one of the leading causes of bad accidents.

You do not want to be the reason that someone is injured substantially in a car accident. Simply putting on your cell phone, sitting down your phone, and  eliminating the distractions that maybe in your vehicle, can save lives. Not only are you going to be more protective of your own life, but also the people you are driving near.