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Three Easy Measures To Avoid Well Pump Replacement

 The need for well pump replacement is one of the consequences of the purchase and maintenance of such a device. While sturdy, well pumps are not unbreakable, and their inner workings are notoriously prone to malfunctioning if not properly looked after.


This is why so many people who live in rural or less developed areas where water is extracted from wells, rather than flowing through a piping system, often find themselves in need of a well pump replacement long before the warranty on the pump has run out. Of course, the possibility of a mechanical flaw should never be ruled out entirely, but chances are that the malfunction came about as the result of an oversight on the homeowners’ part.

Fortunately, this situation can easily be averted, through only a couple of easy, common sense measures. While these may at first seem like ‘no-brainers’, or maybe because of that, it is likely that many homeowners are not considering them or putting them into practice when looking after their well pumps.

Size Matters

The first of these measures has to do with the size of the well. Even with regards the two distinct types of well pumps, there are several potential horse-powers, each best suited to wells within specific dimensional boundaries. Homeowners should therefore ensure that the pump they are acquiring is neither too underpowered nor too overpowered for the dimensions of their well. Either of these scenarios could easily result in damage requiring a well pump replacement, so double-checking before purchasing a pump or when undertaking renovation work is highly recommended.

Just The Pump For The Job

Making sure the type of pump they are getting is the best for their well is another pre-purchase measure homeowners should take. Just like there are different types of wells, such as shallow and deep ones, so too are there different types of pumps, each best suited for a specific type and depth. Assuming that well pumps are universal is a dangerous mistake, as the person in question may soon come to discover that his or her surface pump does not reach as deep as it needs to, or that his or her well is too shallow for a submersible pump. Taking the time to make sure the pump matches the well goes halfway towards ensuring the device’s longevity and proper functioning.

Handy Help

The final easy measure that can put off a well pump replacement for any number of years is as simple as always trusting a specialist. While DIY may do the trick on other occasions, well pumps are too delicate to risk it and tinkering with one without proper knowledge of plumbing and electronics may only result in further damage to the device. Hiring a professional to identify and solve the pump’s mechanical issues can ensure that a homeowner’s device has a long and useful life.

These are a few measures anyone can take to ensure their well pump lives out its warranty without needing to be replaced.