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Thomas Bumgardner- Charlotte, NC Accidents

People tend to treat automobile accidents as routine.  After all, few people, whether drivers or passengers, have not been in some type of car accident.  Most of these accidents are minor events.  We call them fender benders and they involve some damage to property and, if they result in injuries, those injuries tend to be minor and do not impact long-term quality of life, though dealing with them can be annoying, and may require legal help.

Serious car accidents have little in common with a fender bender, but because they are also car accidents, people may assume that they understand the challenges you face after a major car accident.  Serious automobile accidents can cause lifelong disabilities, result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, translate into a lifetime or lost or reduced wages, impact quality of life, change relationships, and cause an amount of stress that few people can imagine.  To complicate matters, at the same time that an accident victim should be focused on physical recovery, he or she is often pressured to settle a case, just to get access to the funds required to pay for immediate medical needs. What that means is that many accident victims agree to settlements without having any real idea of whether those settlements are fair, because the victims may not understand the potential lifelong consequences of a car accident. Even if they do understand them and realize that an offered settlement will not be sufficient to cover lifelong medical expenses and cover lost wages, they may still agree to a settlement because the stress of the situation is overwhelming.

Charlotte area attorney Thomas Bumgardner believes that one of the primary jobs of a personal injury attorney is to focus on the legal disputes so that clients can focus on healing.  To schedule a consultation with Thomas, you can call him at 704-887-4981 or visit him online at: http://www.ballantynelegal.com/.