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The Highest Rated Forex Brokers At The Present

Some in advance research about best forex brokers 2018 before trading are worthy and helpful and that helps traders to avoid confusions in the trading path. To be clear at the first place, traders should do some study about brokers’ credibility through licenses, trading cost and customer service to make sure that they will make benefit and develop their trading and in order to not get into any harmful situations

First, let’ see how reliable brokers are?

To judge if one broker are reliable enough then go to see their certification. About this, there are two matters that should be cared, which are what license it is and how many licenses brokers have? The first matter is about some certain famous and reputable licenses that can grow the belief that the brokers are controlled by some certain rules that can save traders in some risky cases. Therefore, to assure their credibility, brokers better own a reliable license. On the other hand, brokers also have a disadvantage that more licenses a broker own, more fees they have to ask for from traders to pay the license fees. As a result, they will raise the spread and commission up and low down the leverage or other benefit. Ideally, one or two most reputable licenses are a secured number.

Exness CySEC, FCA


Second, review their aerial service

The helping from brokers means a lot for traders because forex trading is troublesome and sometimes confusing. The tools that brokers can offer their clients are the language help, local office and the local payment. Language is really difficult for traders who live in Asian countries because not all of them speak English well. Therefore, best services are the ones that can make it more convenient for traders by letting them interact by their own language. Besides, local offices are amazing because traders can have a very quickly way to get help in their very place where they live. Also, local banking systems that brokers can provide are very reasonable because it can help the payment process done quickly and economically.

Third, see how much brokers can save for you from the lowest fees?

Of course, trading forex will make profit and also, the fees should be paid for brokers as the income. In the trading process, traders have to pay the fees of spread, minimum deposit and commission.

Spread is evaluated when there is difference between bid and ask price and they use pip to measure spread. Here are the lowest spread brokers now in 2018:

  1. Exness charges 0.7 pip
  2. Hotforex charges 1.1 pip
  3. FBS charges 1.1 pip
  4. XM charges pip
  5. FxPro charges 1.7 pip

Minimum deposit is the amount required by brokers for the possible lowest amount of money to open an account. For expert traders, it may be not the problem, but for beginners the smaller it is the safe they get because of that beginners have less experience and the chance to be lost is high; so they want to invest small first. Or, some traders are interested in a broker and they need to know about its trading system; then they want to pay a little for the knowing only.

Top lowest minimum deposit now:

  1. Exness: $1
  2. FBS: $1
  • Hotforex: $5
  1. XM: $5
  2. FxPro: $500

The final fee is commission, which is a concern for ECN account traders because they are charged at zero spread so commission is considered. Top lowest commission rate of the best ECN brokers 2018 is :

1.    Exness: $2.5
2.    Hotforex: $6
3.    FBS: $6
4.    XM: $6


These brokers can be ranked as below:

1)   Exness: 9/10
2)   HotForex: 8.5/10
3)   XM: 8/10
4)   FBS: 7.5/10
5)   FxPro: 7/10


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