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Texas Drivers Know Texting and Driving is Dangerous, They Just Don’t Care

El Paso, TX-It’s been hammered on our heads: Don’t text and drive! The endless PSAs, billboards and studies reminding us over and over again that texting and driving is dangerous is reaching drivers. Sadly, they just don’t care. In spite of the potentially deadly consequences, drivers are so hooked on their phones that being in charge a killing machine can’t even stop them. At least that’s what a recent survey of cell phone users discovered.

In survey, sponsored by AT&T, 98 percent of respondents who drove frequently and text daily said they were aware of how dangerous an exercise it can be. But knowing of the danger was not enough to stop motorists, three-quarters of respondents said they texted while driving anyway!

A third of those respondents said they read or sent a text while sitting at a red light and a quarter or respondents sent a text while they were driving, according to ABC News.

A texting driver takes their eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds. While that may not seem like a very long time, a lot can happen on the road in that short period of time.

Liz Marks, a Maryland teenager, knows first-hand what a difference those 4.6 seconds can make.

In 2012, Marks was driving when she received a text, and like so many of us, she read the text. With her eyes off the road, Marks didn’t see that the tow truck in front of her had stopped to make a turn. The once-popular high school student rear-ended the tow truck and she suffered major injuries.

Marks, now 20, is blind in one eye, her face is disfigured and she’s endured surgery after surgery for the brain injury she suffered. She told the harrowing story of her crash and her subsequent recovery in video for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Marks says in a video, “I ignored those warnings about texting and driving because everyone else was doing it, I thought it was okay, I thought I was invincible. But clearly, I was completely wrong.”

But stories like Marks’ doesn’t stop Americans, or Texans for that matter, from texting behind the wheel. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the state has one of the highest rates of fatal texting and driving accidents for young adults and adults over the age of 45.

One of the more surprising findings of the AT&T study was that respondents, one-fourth, did not believe their driving performance was affected by reading or sending a text. They believed they “can easily do several things at once, even while driving,” ABC reported.

Why do people text and drive when they know they could hurt themselves or others? According to the survey, drivers want to stay connected to friends and family, that’s the biggest reason, but some respondents said they worry they might miss something important or they feel “anxious” if they don’t check.

Survey participants, some 1,004 in total, ranged in ages from 16 to 65 and texted and drove daily.

The reason why we compulsively use our cell phones while we’re driving is inconsequential when an accident occurs and a person is killed or seriously injured. No text is important if you consider the potentially devastating consequences.

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