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Teak Furniture Manufacturer in Jepara as the Best Choice for Quality Teakwood Furniture

Are you planning to buy teakwood furniture in immediate future? Have you made any research of recommended furnishing store or teak furniture manufacturer? It has been clear enough that purchasing teakwood furniture is making long-term investment alike. Both of them allow you to get benefits in the future. Teakwood that offers durability is able to last lifetime, even longer than your age. To realize this, you need to choose the right manufacturer that produces high quality teakwood furniture. When it comes to quality product, small city in Indonesia named Jepara is the best place to go.

Things to Offer from Teak Furniture Manufacturer in Jepara

For decades, Indonesia has been known as the major producer of teakwood furniture. This country takes the business seriously and it seems like Indonesia has made the right decision to focus on teakwood furniture industry. Nowadays, Jepara is able to export million dollars-worth teakwood furniture pieces throughout the world. It is not a surprise since this small city has thousands of professional and skillful teakwood craftsmen. What does teak furniture manufacturer in Jepara offer? Here are several things that you can get from Indonesia teakwood industry that ranges from small enterprises to large-scale manufacturer.

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  • Product quality

The very first thing to know about teakwood furniture manufacturer in Jepara is about product quality. Being in the industry for decades, their product quality is unquestionable. Some teak furniture manufacturer also exports the furniture pieces to Europe and the United States—the two countries apply strict rule for imported goods—which proves that Indonesia teakwood furniture meets international standard. In addition, the furniture does not change due to extreme weather. Thanks to the use of dry wood that makes the product durable either during shipping or after purchase.

  • Immense types

What kind of teakwood furniture product do you want to purchase? With plenty of manufacturers spread in Jepara, there is wide array of product categories. Extending table, folding or fixed chair, stacking chair, bed, chest or anything you can mention, the manufacturer provides it for you. The design and model also vary, allowing you to complement any interior setting either classic or contemporary modern. Good news, teak furniture manufacturer in Jepara also accept custom design that can be adjusted to your desire.

  • Different grade of teakwood

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This long, you may only recognize teakwood as teakwood. In fact, teakwood consists of several types or also known as grade. Manufacturers in Jepara commonly use Grade A and Grade B for their teakwood furniture material. What are the differences? Teak Grade A is one that is free of any defects and knots. It also has no white streaks and comes in similar color. Meanwhile teak Grade B sometimes has knots or defects with slight white streaks. However, both of them are made in the same construction and offers durability.

Last but not least, Jepara is known as home to quality teakwood furniture. With teak furniture manufacturer can be found almost anywhere in the city, it is not a surprise that Jepara, Indonesia is well-known for its quality teak furniture products.