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Streamline Work Processes With Cloud-Based Services

There is no doubt that your business has a variety of both formal and informal work processes being used during a typical workday. The important thing to realize is that the effectiveness of these procedures can either enhance or reduce overall productivity in the workplace. What worked efficiently just a few years ago may actually be slowing production down and making it difficult for you to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced market.

Cloud-Based Services

Cloud-based services, like eforms and online workflow methods, allow your team to continuously stay connected and complete tasks faster than ever before. It includes vital features such as customized and standardized e-forms, electronic signature and approval capabilities, individual and team-based task lists, role-based routing, and PDF export. The combination of these features allows employees to stay connected and communicate instantly, allowing production to move at a faster rate.

Cloud-based eforms are great for human resource departments who need the proper paperwork to process payroll, enroll employees in their insurance plan, and to complete new employees’ personnel files. Allowing employees to use e-forms, such as timesheets, leave approvals, on-boarding paperwork, and insurance enrollment forms speeds up processes and eliminates the need to send paperwork through interoffice mail.

Companies can also improve their productions workflow by creating e-forms such as sale order forms, customer databases, invoice processing, and inventory data. This provides better and more efficient communication between departments, and allows work orders to be processed instantly.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Services

There are numerous benefits that companies receive by opting to use cloud-based e-forms, e-signature, and workflow tools.

  • Reduction in Dependency on Paper Products – Using online services will greatly reduce your company’s dependency on paper products. Not only is this good for the environment, but it lowers overall costs for companies.
  • Instant Respond – Electronic services allow employees to stay in constant contact and receive instant approval or instantly hand out assignments. This reduces the amount of time the staff is waiting for approval and creates a smooth and consistent workflow.
  • Less Errors – Providing employees with the ability to instantly process work related forms and data helps to reduce errors. Employees are also less likely to forget to complete necessary paperwork.
  • Better Filing System – Paperwork done online is instantly saved and stored for future use. This makes it nearly impossible to lose important paperwork, even in the event of a disaster.
  • Audit Tracking – Cloud-based services also instantly track everything that was done and notes which employees completed the form. This allows managers to look back through the records to see where the break down occurred.

Emergence of Mobile App Development

A new study out by Chitika shows that 28 percent of the internet traffic in 2012 was done through mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. Experts expect that mobile app development will overtake PC advancement 4 to 1 in the next two years. This advancement will allow your employees and clients to have instant access from their mobile devices to e-forms created in online form builders.

The surge of mobile apps on the marketplace is only going to increase the demand for companies to provide cloud-based services to their employees and customers. Remaining competitive in a quickly evolving market will help keep costs low without falling behind the digital stampede.

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