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Stationary Bike Stand: “A Real Time Fun”

You are being a professional biker or a beginner, to learn how to ride a bike you need to have a good stationary bike stand in your home. Riding a bike is one of the most exciting exercise form the body that needs a lots of movement out of the home. But to this there are some restrictions like if the outside weather is rainy or in the dark you can’t take your bike outside. For this you must have a stationary bike stand. It is used to park your bike on it and you can simply exercise on it just like you do it outside.


It is one of the greatest inventions ever for sure. It allows you to take the real time experience in your home no matter how is the weather outside. It generally consists of a solid frame with arms that can hold your bike and it can be used for the parking and riding. Also it is not easy to ride on it. It also offers different kinds of resistance for on its wheels to give you a real time ride of a bike in your home. It is available in different kind of designs and prices. The different types of stationary provide the resistance that is based on different kind of systems.


Various kinds of resistance systems of the bike stand includes the air resistance stationary bike stand that uses the resistance of the air to provide the resistance force to the biker. It is very comfortable to use and also the price is relatively less, but the only problem with this kind of stand is that it produces lots of noise while running.

Another kind is the magnetic resistance stationary bike stand. It uses the reverse magnetic force to provide the necessary resistance to the biker. This resistance can be adjusted as required by the biker to ride upon. The drawback is being it also produces lots of noise while running.

The third type is the fluid resistance type that uses the fluid drag to provide the necessary resistance to the bike to run. But the only problem with this type of stand is that there are chances that the fluid may leak out of the stand and hence the maintenance of the stand is difficult to maintain. So these bike stands provide a convenient way to exercise even in bad weather conditions to provide you with real fun out of it.