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Soap Opera Star Booked for DUI Accident

‘Days of Our Lives’ actor Freddie Smith has been booked and charged with felony vehicular assault and misdemeanor in relation with an October 7th DUI accident in which his girlfriend―27 year old Alyssa Tabit was injured.

The 26 year old actor lost control of his car on Route 84 and ended up crashing his vehicle. The crash seriously injured the passenger and his girlfriend, actress Alyssa Tabit and put her in surgery. Freddie too had to be taken to hospital―at Conneaut Medical Center―for treatment for the injuries he received in the crash. Tabit had to be flown by medical helicopter to the prestigious St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Youngstown where she arrived in critical condition. While Alyssa is still recovering from her injuries from that night, Freddie is currently facing trial for his DUI violation.


Accident left girlfriend with serious injuries

According to DUI attorneys in Columbus, Ohio, the Ohio State Patrol had initially suspected that speed and alcohol were the primary contributing factors in the accident. According to the police reports, Freddie was driving down Route 84 near Dibble Road, when he failed to take a left turn and lost control of his vehicle.

The car then crossed the centerline, travelled off from the road and struck a culvert. The impact caused Smith’s Mazda to overturn and over-end, before finally coming to rest. Tabit, was temporarily stuck in the passenger side of the car before the officers could free her.

Blood report confirms DUI

The Ohio State Police had sent Smith’s blood report to a toxicology lab and were waiting for results before filing an official charge against the actor. Now that the blood report is in, there is no doubt about the fact that Smith was legally drunk on the night of the accident. According to the blood work, Smith’s BAC has been estimated at .093, which is well above the legal limit in Ohio. Smith’s legal attorney has refused to comment on the proceedings so far. But it is general knowledge that the accident will not fare well for the 26 year old actor.

Harsh times ahead for actor

According to DUI attorneys in Columbus, Ohio, the state takes a harsh route with first time offenders and a trial can lead to both administrative and legislative penalties. In Ohio, misdemeanor charges involving DUI, DUS (Driving Under Suspension), and drugs carry mandatory and/or minimum sentences. Every drug offensive in the state of Ohio carries with it a license suspension. The duration of suspension can range from six months to a whole three years and this is the same even if there was no vehicle involved in the accident.

There is a reinstatement fee of $450 additional, and though an ignition interlock device is not mandatory, it may be order in an effort to obtain hardship during privilege during the suspension period. Additionally, Smith’s case also involves injury to another person and his BAC was also well above the state limit. Unless his attorneys can wave a magic wand, it is almost a foregone conclusion that the actor will be spending at least some time in jail and be paying some heavy fines.