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Simple And Easy Ways To Make Your Product Label Stand Out

Some individuals often have the mistaken impression that it’s easy to make a product label. As a matter of fact, a lot of thought and planning goes into making even the simplest label – and this you will clearly see for yourself as soon as you make an attempt at creating a label for your own product.


But the good news is that once you have designed the label, the rest is easy. All you need to do is have this label printed onto your product with the use of labelling machines (such as the ones from labelling experts like www.labeller.co.uk), and you’ll have a product that can easily stand up to the biggest competitors in your industry, whether you are selling handmade or organic products, beverages, a cleaning product, or anything else.

Whilst factors such as colours and graphics have a big effect on your label’s attractiveness, there are other aspects that can make a big impression as well. That being said, below are a few simple and easy ways to make your product label stand out from the crowd even more.

Consider an unusual or unique shape 

Standard shapes for product labels include rectangular, oval, circular shapes, and the like. But if you are looking for something a bit more off-the-beaten path, why not have an entirely different shape altogether? Case in point: the Heinz brand. Their ketchup or red sauce bottle has a distinctive shape – with a label that corresponds exactly to this shape. If you have a product container with an unusual shape, why not make a custom-made label for this as well? This can enhance the recall of your product and even make it a household brand. Although this type of label can be more costly than a standard label shape, it can be well worth the investment in the end. 

A consistent theme 

If you have a product with different flavours, settling on a theme for your labels can work wonders. Even if you have different flavours, you should make sure that the label for each, whilst generally different, will have some of the same elements when it comes to design, font, and graphics. If a customer is checking out your peach-flavoured drink and sees your lime-flavoured beverage, they should still know that each flavour is made by the same company. What you can do is have a simple graphic for each flavour – a drawing of a peach on the peach-flavoured drink, a drawing of a lime on the lime-flavoured drink – but still with the same background colours and fonts.

Your company’s contact details

Of course, a product label is not complete without the correct information about the company and brand. As a matter of fact, you are required to have your contact details on your product label. When you include your contact information in your label, make sure you have a telephone number, a website, and even a postal address. You can also choose to add your Facebook or Twitter page or an email address where customers can easily get in contact with you.

A bonus tip:

When you are creating your product label, it might also be worth your while to check out the labels of your competitors so you know what you are up against. If your competitors have glossy, very colourful labels, for example, then you can choose to differentiate yourself by having a label that is more subtle and simple. You can always seek help from labelling specialists like www.labeller.co.uk as well, as the company is more than willing to assist you in acquiring the label that’s perfect for your needs.