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Where to Shop on Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is absolutely one of the best Islands in the world. The Island offers visitors adequate and world class shopping facilities. There are various shopping joints where tourists can do their shopping in the Island. Some of the major shopping joints in the Island are:

· Periwinkle place

· Tahitian Gardens

· The Village shops

· Olde Sanibel Shoppes

· Town Center

· Jerry’s shopping center

· The Islander shopping post

Periwinkle Place

This is one of the largest shopping joints and carries great clothe stores that sells a variety of designed clothes such as the famous new boutique called Simply.

This is a place with a great Canadian line and with a variety of unique items that are attractive to every tourist’s eye.

There are also shops that have undertaken the task of grooming the artful ladies on all dimensions. This shop is called Trader Ricks.

For the children, Friday’s store caters for all their needs. This store has a modern children’s boutique and a toy shop as well.

Other stalls in Periwinkle place are jewelry stores and restaurants.


Tahitian Gardens

This is home to Sanibel café and a small number of different shops selling doods and services. They range from jewelry, fun toys to hospitality services.

Under the same home, there exists a brand new edition stop joint, the Adventures in Paradise. It carries the Orvis.

There is also Tommy Bahama for the classic gents and good looking ladies.

The Patagonia together with other sought after outdoor clothing and tackle are also sheltered by Tahitian Gardens.

The Patagonia store has very friendly and courteous staff.

The Village Shops

After its remodeling, the village shops have an additional new shops, adding variety for the customers.

Currently, there is a good pool of designer and private label clothing for women who visit the Island.

There is also a fine art gallery and a fun filled tropical wine store.

On the services sector, there exists a good number of service providers who takes care of your nails, hair and relaxing massage. It’s a home away from home.

Olde Sanibel Shoppes

These are the early Florida style shops located at the extreme end of Periwinkle Way.

They are graced with a central pond fountain.

The services offered in these shops are hotel and catering, beauty and they also sell goods such as beach collectibles.

Town Center

The town center has a variety of shopping stores and shops.

There are studios which offer film and photography services.

For those who would wish to buy gifts for their loved ones, there are several gift shops in the town center.

Jerry’s shopping Center

It is the home to one of the only two supermarkets in the Island.

The center has gift shops, boutiques, restaurants and bookshops where customers can shop from.

The Islander trading post

At this place, shoppers purchase country store items, antique books and vintage advertisements.

Just like other joints, the hospitality and beauty services are also offered at friendly rates.

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