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Say Happy Birthday to Your Child with Student Gift Baskets

When your child goes off to college, you may miss a few birthdays, but you can wish your college student a happy birthday with student gift baskets. Your child is sure to miss having family around for the celebration, so make this birthday a special one from far away. Show your child that you love them and that they can have a great birthday, surrounded by their roommates and friends. Get their party started by sending them a little surprise.

No birthday is complete without cake and maybe some ice cream. Although it is pretty muchimpossible to send your child a whole cake, complete with frosting, you can send them a boxed cake mix. Do not forget to tell them to have their roommate make it for them. No one should be making their own birthday cake. You can also send them a gift card to an ice cream shop so that the treat is complete. Every child needs to make a birthday wish, so send them some candles to blow out.

Next up are the decorations. Every party needs some decorations to celebrate this big occasion. In student gift baskets, you can send streamers and a package of balloons to decorate your child’s apartment. No party is complete without party hats and noise makers as well. The birthday boy or girl should also have a special party hat. Maybe you can send a crown? And do not forget the confetti. Every party needs confetti. A birthday banner and extra treats will top off your child’s birthday party.

With all of this food and decorations, it is important to remember to send a memorable present to your child for their birthday. Think about things they have mentioned over the last few months that they may want, or surprise them with a gift you know they will love.

Just because your college student is away from home, does not mean you have to miss their birthday. Say happy birthday and show them some love by sending student gift baskets. Make their birthday a special one.

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