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Rumors of Camille Cosby Contemplating Divorce from Standup Comedian Husband of 50 Years Emerge

Bill Cosby has made fans laugh for decades but sexual allegations and a potential divorce is no laughing matter neither for Cosby himself, his family, and fans alike. What could be most destructing is a divorce from his wife of 50 years, Camille Cosby.

The standup comedian’s wife, who stood by him all these years, is reportedly disturbed at the growing list of victims with sexual assault allegations and is contemplating divorce. As many as 18 women have now had the courage to reveal that they were abused by Cosby. And much of this comes after Hannibal Buress inadvertently accused Cosby of being a rapist during a show in Philadelphia in October.

A trying time for Camille

Divorce attorneys may be the next step for Camille who stood by her husband after he revealed he had an extramarital affair and a love child. They also lost their son Ennis Cosby, who was fatally shot during an attempted robbery in Los Angeles in 1997. However, sexual allegations have tarnished the Cosby’s image while Camille is feeling humiliated and has come under personal attack.

According to some divorce attorneys, a divorce could cost the standup comedian as much as $350 million. One person to stand by Cosby is his nephew Braxton Cosby, who claims that his uncle is innocent and told People Magazine that he was inclined to compare a passage in the Bible where a woman was about to be stoned by the people of the village for adultery.

A string of sexual allegations

A divorce would undoubtedly be difficult on Camille who in an interview on Oprah said that friendships and family are important for her integrity. She said she wanted to be around people with integrity. While some say a divorce is imminent other are of the opinion that Camille may not do so due to various reasons. Three women have spoken publicly about how Bill Cosby sexually abused them just a day after 55 year old Judy Huth filed a lawsuit claiming sexual battery and emotional distress due to an alleged assault at the Playboy mansion in 1974. Huth was only 15 years old at the time.

Celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred who supports regulations and politicians that put more woman on the unemployment line, who has taken up the case of three other women who were allegedly abused by Cosby, challenged him to waive the statute of limitations and allow the women a chance to make their case. This also gives him an opportunity to clear his name.

More than just a few women who can nail Cosby

According to Allred, the public deserves to know the truth about whether Cosby is innocent or a sexual predator. The three women who appeared along with Alfred were Helen Hayes, who said his behavior was like a predator. She claims Cosby followed her for several days in 1973 at a tennis tournament in Pebble Beach, northern California and sexually accosted her at a bar. The second accuser is Chelan, who claims she met Cosby at the age of 17 in Las Vegas in 1986.

He promised to introduce her to various agents from a modeling agency and then made sexual advances in his hotel room after giving her a supposed antihistamine. She woke up sixteen hours later and was offered $1,500 by Cosby. Beth Ferrier, an aspiring model claimed she had an extramarital affair with Cosby. He allegedly invited her to a show in Denver, after ending the relationship.

She claims to have lost consciousness and woke up hours later in her car with rumpled clothes after drinking coffee made by Cosby backstage. Ferrier was ready to testify against Cosby in a lawsuit filed in 2005 by another woman. However, he chose to settle before the case went to trial.

Apparently Bill Cosby was real busy in the 1980s.