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Rolling Stone Report on Sex Crimes in UVA Sheds Light on Sexist Frat Culture

This year, the issue of sexual assault in college campuses across the country has reached greater heights. There have been umpteen incidents that point towards better handling of sexual crimes in universities and colleges, and if any more reason was needed a new report that includes a fraternity house in the University of Virginia (UVA) is it.

President Teresa A. Sullivan has called the case “appalling”, and Rolling Stone magazine has carried the news in which a student describes in graphic detail the pain and trauma of being raped by seven men from the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity in the college. The rape in question occurred in 2012, when the student was at a party thrown by the fraternity members.

UVA has a Culture of Sexual Violence

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Rolling Stone correctly alludes to the fact that there is an entire culture of sexual violence in colleges in the US and UVA is no exception.Sexual harassment attorneys have very often raised the question of what the premier institutions in the country are doing to deal with the sexual crimes perpetrated within their walls.

The culture in many of these colleges is such that students many a times fail to report what happened with them and end up brushing off the incident as something regrettable. The frat party culture makes it look like rapes and other sexual crimes are just a byproduct of having a good time with the elite Greek members. This is not Sparta!

University keeps News of Sex Crimes Under Wraps

Rapes are very often kept quiet and while the molesters do so to protect themselves, colleges too help keep things quiet only to protect their reputation. At UVA, this blanket of denial from the administrators is so pervasive that female members of the college have taken to calling it the ‘UvrApe’. Victims’ rights advocate Liz Seccuro who is also a UVA graduate says that the college has this attitude that it is bigger than the law in the state.

Well, stop going to frat parties! Read a book instead! Carry a gun perhaps or go with another male friend. No doubt these types of activities should not occur but people should know not to enter predatory environments.

Even when the entire nation is participating in a dialogue about sexual assault and sexual mores are a-changing, this old world college tries its best to remain time warped and has thwarted change at every level. Founded by Thomas Jefferson, UVA is more concerned with upholding the traditions and ideals of the forefathers. ‘Honor’, say sexual harassment attorneys who have worked with UVA grads before, plays a huge role in how the college treats its present generation of female students.

Not one Expulsion for Sexual Assault in 14 years

Since 1998, 183 students have been expelled from the university for incidents such as cheating during exams, but not a single student has been thrown out for sexual assault. That is just unbelievable from a college that the Playboy magazine has very often named as the number one party school in the country.

College fraternities have in recent times gained notoriety for being the center of sexism, drinking binges, and deadly hazing activities. Oxford has already inscribed stringent rules in places which allow the college to deny housing rights to any Greek frat accused of sexual crimes. One wonders when one of the most respected and historic institutions in America will follow suit.