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Review: Military Equipment

Good equipment can mean the difference between success and failure — between life and death.

The most basic piece of equipment is the personal firearm, either new from a Gun Manufacturer or used from one of the Gun Trading Sites. Of course, it’s important not to forget the Ammunition!

Some of the best firearms are not purchased off-the-shelf, but are manufactured or customized by a Gunsmith. Or, perhaps you are better off manufacturing your own firearm from some Unfinished Receiver Blanks and Blueprints.

Want to practice with your firearm without upsetting your neighbors or going deaf yourself? Gun Silencers and Suppressors really help. If you can’t legally manage a silencer, at least get yourself some Hearing Protection.

A good firearm can save your life, but sometimes we still have to rely on old-fashioned Knives and Martial Arts. Don’t let yourself be caught unprepared.

If you have to take the fight to the enemy, you’re going to need some Military Gear.

The bad guys have guns too, so sometimes it’s important to have a good set of Body Armor to help keep yourself alive. If you are facing a more serious set of bad guys, you might even consider an Armored Car.

If you are facing a really bad set of bad guys, you may need some serious Military Vehicles.

Pyrotechnics and Air Guns are usually just for fun, but sometimes they can be amazingly useful.

Surveillance Equipment can help you maintain your operational security while also sometimes preventing the bad guys from maintaining their operational security.

Depending upon your inclinations, a set of Lock Picks can help you get out of or into a lot of trouble.

Optics are the original and still the best spook gear. A good set of binoculars will enable you to avoid a lot of trouble. A good set of night vision gear will give you an enormous advantage over your opponents after dark. A good rifle scope can resolve troublesome issues permanently.

The best weapon is a sharp mind. Books and Videos can help you keep that weapon loaded.

With equipment, as with other things in life, Miscellaneous is often the largest category.