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Resorts Served By Transfers From Heraklion Airport

Mainland Greece has always been one of the most popular destinations for fly-and-flop holidays in southern Europe, alongside Italy and the Mediterranean part of Spain. Recently, this preference has also extended to Greece’s neighbouring islands, with Crete taking precedence and staking its claim as a holiday resort in the past few decades. Presently, Heraklion airport is the second busiest in Greece, losing only to Athens, and thousands of tourists order transfers from Heraklion airport towards their preferred destination every day.

These tourists will undoubtedly be pleased to learn that their choice of airport has allowed them easy access to a number of interesting destinations around the island. Far from simply serving the city of the same name, Crete’s administrative capital and a valid destination in its own right, transfers from Heraklion airport extend their range of influence to a number of smaller resorts, areas and villages around the capital, some of which will be of definite interest to holidaymakers.

Just such an example is Malia, a highly popular party and nightlife resort made famous when it featured in the popular Inbetweeners Movie, based on the comedy television show of the same name. This is, along with Magaluf and Ibiza, one of the preferred European destinations for British tourists and is overall one of the most famous resorts in Europe. The fact that it is easily accessible on most transfers from Heraklion airport will certainly not be lost on the more party-loving visitors to Crete.

Those preferring slightly quieter surroundings in which to enjoy their holiday are in luck as well, however. Transfers from Heraklion airport serve such neighbouring resorts as Agios Nikolaos. This resort was ‘discovered’ and presented to the world by a team of BBC documentary filmmakers and travellers visiting here will find a Natural History Museum and a floral exhibition, among other attractions. Elounda, a group of seven fishing towns regularly featured as a setting in books and television programmes, most of them by British authors and filmmakers, is another peaceful destination for those travellers enjoying the more tranquil pace of life.

It is clear then that the range of destinations accessible via transfers from Heraklion airport is varied enough to offer something that will match the needs of pretty much any tourist coming into Crete. Whether you prefer the straight-up beach-and-party atmosphere typical of a holiday resort or are going in for something more laid-back and with a local feel, there are resorts waiting for you just a stone’s-throw away from Crete’s main airport.