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What Does a Record of Investigation Contain

According to Criminal defense Lawyer toronto, a record of the investigation should contain a record of:
Employer – who is the employer, i.e. the person who provides workers / employees working with him / her.
The victims – how many they are, their names and other personal data.

Place and time of the accident.
Witnesses – In the course of the investigation, it is imperative to gather written testimony of three witnesses to the accident – this is the victim himself, the direct manager, the first aider. It is often impossible to find witnesses in accidents on the road to or from work, and at lunchtime. In this case, the testimony of the victim, the person to whom he first called and a person who can give information about the victim’s usual path of travel or where he is feeding.

A person who first helped.
Characteristics of the work done by the victim before the accident – for example, a hygienist, cleaned the commercial area and the sidewalk in front of the shop. What exactly did the victim suffer at the time of the accident – he cleaned himself in front of the shop, fed, drove a car.
Have there been deviations from normal activity – for example, he did not wear a helmet, a reflective vest and more.

How the injuries have been obtained and what caused them – for example, the hygienist has cleaned the sidewalk in front of the shop when it hit a car Admitted violations of normative acts and the persons who have allowed them.

When an accident has occurred, the employer is obliged to notify the NSSI within three days. If the employer does not notify the NSSI, the victims or their heirs have the right to declare it within one year of its occurrence. The NSSI is obliged to investigate any reported accident by the injured person or his / her heirs. In the accident investigation, the injured party is entitled to attend or indicate the presence of another worker / employee of the same profession, a member of his / her family, or if he / she is a member of a trade union organization – a representative.

An official designated by the head of the territorial division of the National Social Security Institute, on the basis of the collected documents and evidence, issues an order for acceptance or rejection of the accident for labor. The period for issuing the order is 7 days from the declaration of the accident.

The order for acceptance or for non-acceptance of the labor accident may be appealed by the insurer, the victim or his / her heirs to the head of the territorial division of the National Social Security Institute within 14 days.

The head of the territorial unit of the NSSI shall issue a motivated decision within one month of receipt of the appeal. By the decision, the head of the territorial unit may cancel the order and decide on the merits. It shall be communicated to interested parties within 7 days of its being issued.

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