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Raiser & Kenniff: The Best Divorce Law Firm in NYC for Decades

A situation where a couple is seeking divorce from each other is one the most trying times on those person’s lives and in such situations they require a support that would not only be able to help and guide them through it but also be able to understand the situation the best. The Raiser & Kenniff has been supporting and providing families with all the legal help and counsel they require in order to deal with a situation such as these. The Raiser & Kenniff Matrimony and Divorce lawyers are the best in NYC & Long Island with years of expertise and high skill and knowledge.

This firm has huge experience

This firm has been operating in areas starting from the NYC to the Long Island and has been the leader in matrimony and divorce related issues for over 40 years. The founders of the Raiser & Kenniff, PC, have themselves practised as prosecutors and have appeared before the court of law for many celebrities and also for general people belonging to different demographics. The long years of experience in dealing with the most complicated of the situations and also for delivering the best results to the clients, the Raiser & Kenniff, PC have earned respect and trust from the people, lawyers and even Judges. The firm focuses on the individual needs and requirements of their clients and understands that every problem is unique and should be dealt with the accordingly.

Let them help you with their exemplary skills

The aggressive approach towards each case and the years of experience along with the skills and the efficiency in dealing with the toughest of the situations have contributed in lifting the firm to the status of numero uno position in this field of their expertise. The firm areas of expertise of the firm include any issue relating to marital discord and divorce, the custody and support of thee child, modification of the orders on the support and custody, asset division between the couples, all the issues relating to domestic partnership and so on. It also has expertise in the Gay or Heterosexual marriage and divorces. The laws on the grounds on which a partner could seek divorce from the other has been modified and the firm helps it’s clients to achieve the best under the new amended law. The Raiser & Kenniff accept few cases and believes in devoting utmost attention to each case so that justice can be ensured to each and every client.