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Property Investment in the Sahl Hasheesh

The Sahl Hasheesh is a small town and five star resort on the Red Sea Riviera in Egypt. Sprawling over an area of roughly 41 million square metres, it offers a huge variety of amenities and facilities. It also benefits from a beautiful white sand beach, and is set to become one of Egypt’s leading tourist attractions.

Egypt has long been a massively popular destination for tourists from around the world. Every year, the country benefits from millions of foreign visitors contributing billions of pounds to the economy. Many are drawn to the country’s long and fascinating history, particularly the wealth of buildings, landmarks and artefacts that survive from the ancient past. Others come for the beautiful scenery, bright sunshine and paradise-like coasts. The Sahl Hasheesh has something to appeal to all these interests, thanks to a prime location and a series of development phases aimed specifically at luxury tourism.

A number of tourist properties are available in the Sahl Hasheesh for investors who wish to take advantage of Egypt’s thriving tourist trade and the exciting development of this five star resort. A range of different property types and sizes are on offer, particularly apartments and villas, providing a range of prices and investment levels from complexes such as El Andalous, Sunset Pearl and Palm Beach Sahl Hasheesh . Excellent returns are promised, and the value of these properties is set to increase significantly in the future as the site continues to develop and gain popularity.

The Sahl Hasheesh has already gained significant praise from visitors, and this is partly because it benefits from an excellent location ideal for tourism. A beautiful beach of soft white sand lies on the edge of the sun-basked red sea. Most properties within the resort benefit from sea views. The resort is also just a short distance from the town of Hurghada which is home to an international airport, making the Sahl Hasheesh accessible to visitors from around the world. The resort’s proximity to Hurghada also opens up shopping and leisure opportunities in the town, while allowing visitors to still retreat to a quiet seaside resort when they want to leave the bustle behind.

A range of attractions have also been incorporated into this truly luxurious resort, which serve to boost the tourist appeal of the area significantly. A number of shops, bars and a range of excellent dining options are joined by a number of golf courses and facilities for water sports and deep sea fishing. Divers and history lovers can explore the “sunken city,” a recreation of the historic City of Isis. These amenities are subject to continuing development, improving the quality of this already-popular luxury resort. This means that the value of investment properties and the prospective levels of returns are also liable to increase in the future.