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Promotional Products – The Top Suppliers For Great Giveaways

HALO Branded Solutions

HALO Branded Solutions offers the largest distribution of quality, promotional products in the country. The company offers promotional products of all types from bags, to pens, to t-shirts or whatever item a company may need. HALO is considered a leader in the promotional product industry after being in business for over sixty years and providing promotional products to company throughout the nation.

Vernon Company

The Vernon Company is a producer of promotional goods devoted to building the brand of their clients and only providing the best goods. Known as a trusted supplier of promotional products the Vernon Company manufactures and ships their products across the country. The company started over one hundred years ago as a small graphics agency and has grown to become a popular promotional marketing & manufacturing firm.

PPC Promotional Products Company

The PPC Promotional Products Company provides business with promotional products designed to advertise a business. The company creates die cut foam sample kits, imprinted binders, presentation pocket folders, and many other products to support a marketing campaign or to brand a business. PPC Promotional Products Company is a small business owned and operated by a military veteran.


Crestline is a custom promotional product company specializing in custom products to promote a company or to promote an event. The products provided by Crestline are fully guaranteed for their high quality workmanship and with thousands of products to choose from any business will be satisfied with the wide selection. The company has worldwide sourcing capabilities and serves their customer with friendly and prompt service.

Pinnacle Promotions

Pinnacle Promotions is a promotional marketing agency that has been serving the Atlanta, Georgia area for almost twenty years and now serves the entire nation. Pinnacle has created promotional products for some of the biggest names in the industry and has created a unique business model. The company has won awards and has the best website in the industry. Pinnacles team of highly trained professionals will provide custom promotional products that will generate the attention the client’s needs to attract customers and boost their brand.

Norwood Promotional Products

Norwood Promotional Products is a leader of imprinted promotional products for companies looking to promote their company and establish a strong presence in the market. Norwood has been in business for almost 25 years providing all types of specialty products to meet the needs of every type of business. The product assortment offered by Norwood offers a wide variety of amazing products.

Far from Boring

Far from Boring is a promotional product company offering eco-friendly giveaways to grab the attention of the public. The promotional product company is known for their great unique giveaways and creative approach to promotional design. The highly knowledgeable staff at Far from Boring understands the needs of every company are different and matches products designed to increase brand recognition and better position the client in the market. Far from Boring offers eco promotional products for the eco friendly company and unique products to ensure the most successful marketing and advertising approach.

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