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Pregnancy in men

An indepth report about the causes, examination, therapy, and prevention of male infertility.


Reasons for Male Infertility

More than 90% of male pregnancy situations are on account of weak sperm quality low sperm counts, or both. The remaining scenarios of male infertility could be the effect of a range of conditions including biological issues, hormonal fluctuations, and flaws.  To find out more check this site

Sperm Problems

Sperm problems are a crucial aspect in male infertility. These problems include:

    • Low sperm count
    • Poor sperm mobility (movement)
    • Sperm design


Risk Factors

Risk factors for male fertility include:

Varicocele, an enlarged varicose vein inside the cord that connects to the testicle

Aging, that may reduce sperm counts and motility and decrease the innate quality of sperm

Sexually transmitted diseases, which hinder sperm function or can cause scarring inside the reproductive process

Factors including smoking and substance abuse

Long term or rigorous experience of selected kinds of compounds, contaminants, or medications


As well as physical exam and a medical history, unique assessments for male fertility include:

    • Semen evaluation to gauge quality and the number of sperm
    • Blood tests to gauge hormone levels
    • Imaging tests to look for structural problems
    • Genetic screening to recognize chromosomal problems, sperm DNA fragmentation, or disorders



Treatment for male pregnancy must first tackle any underlying medical conditions that may be causing fertility problems. Medicine therapy can be utilized to deal with hormonal conditions. Surgery can be utilized correct any obstructions within the reproductive tract and to fix varicoceles.

If fertility issues remain uncertain, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is commonly found in combination with-in vitro fertilization (IVF) to attain pregnancy when male pregnancy can be a factor. ICSI involves adding just one sperm into an egg attained through IVF. The fertilized egg is then implanted back into the lady. Pregnancy success rates rely on a variety of elements.


Fertility is a pair to become pregnant after twelve months of typical, unprotected intercourse’s inability. About a third of infertility difficulties are because of female infertility, and another third are because of male infertility. In the outstanding cases, fertility affects both partners or perhaps the cause is not clear