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How To Pick The Best International Tax Attorney?

You want to hire an attorney that went to law school, took the bar exam, passed it and is licensed in the state as an attorney who is an expert in tax law.

Many times people hire tax lawyers while they are audited by the Internal Revenue Service. If you are also being audited, you have to retain the services of an experienced International tax attorney Miami. Many people are scared while they are being audited. But, not all audits are the same. The Internal Revenue Service, also called as the IRS uses three different kinds of audits and your attorney is the person who can guide you with these audits.

While you are interviewing the possible candidates, it is imperative for you to ask about how your services and time will be billed. Generally, the billing starts right way you walk in their office. Beware that you will also be charged for phone calls, copies, secretarial time, postage, phone conversations and various other services. Make sure you get everything in writing as to what you will be billed for and how much you will be billed for.

It is imperative to determine what the fees there would be if there is a discrepancy from the IRS once your taxes get filed. If there are any sorts of discrepancies on your taxes, your tax lawyer will handle all the conversations with the IRS on your behalf. But, there perhaps be a different rate for such additional services so it is imperative to find out ahead of time what the rates would be.

The first kind of audit you will have in a correspondence audit. You may or not may not require a lawyer for this sort of an audit. With correspondence audit, the IRS notifies you that there are some errors on the tax reforms you have submitted and they may or may not require documentation to justify your deductions. You must look at the request and determine whether you can provide the right documentation if requested. You perhaps feel more comfortable retaining the services of an attorney and that decision is completely up to you.

As the IRS contacts you, it is imperative that you take their call seriously. Do not ignore the call as it will only get worse if ignored. The IRS does not go away nor does it forget you. The only reason that the IRS will audit you is if they think that you are cheating on your taxes.