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Why Do People Love To Hate Rahul Gandhi?

In the current scenario, where BJP is hijacking social media and brainwashing people with their ideology, disliking Congress and Rahul Gandhi has become a common phenomenon, making “I dislike Congress “and “I hate Rahul Gandhi” merely style statements. If you ask them what exactly they hate about Rahul Gandhi, they are clueless and cling to only few things which might not even give justice to their level of hatred.

So, what is urging people to hate Rahul so much?

The Trend

We, Indians have a tendency of going with the trend and following others. So when Modi becomes an Internet sensation over the months, supporting him becomes sensible and hating Congress the apparent thing. In the current scenario, supporting Modi means campaigning for advancement and developed India. On the other hand if you support Rahul, you are either illiterate or a person who isn’t interested in building India. So, people in order not to appear “dehati” tend to hail Modi and try to criticize Rahul. It is just a trend, if you actually observe keenly.

The Education Background

Narendra Modi has been saying Rahul Gandhi isn’t qualified enough going by his education qualifications. Now, when did qualification became a constraint for the PM post? Was Indira Gandhi, the woman who successfully managed the show, qualified? Haven’t the not so qualified PM’s done a wonderful job in India as well as abroad. What is so much to hate about it?

 The hoopla around the grand “Surname”

So, you think just because he has the surname, he will attain the position and so he should be hated. Well, is he having a gala time only because he was born in the Gandhi family? Isn’t he facing the brunt? In fact, he is having issues only because of the surname. At least he is not like Akhilesh Yadav. Rahul has been living amidst the people, trying to know their requirements ever since he joined politics. When time came, he even went against his own party. This only shows he has that political impulse and the nerve which is very much needed for the post of Prime Minister. Hating him only because he has “x” surname doesn’t mean that he is not worthy of the top position.

BJP in their “Congress-mukt Bharat” campaign has been trying their best to illustrate all the negative things of Rahul so that the hatred amongst the urban class Indians escalates three folds, but we are yet to see his strengths. So, now you now why the aam junta loves to hate Rahul Gandhi? Yes, because the entire nation has yet to see his strengths. On the contrary, Modi which we are seeing is in his peak.