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How are Oriental Rugs Cleaned?-An Overview

We are often told to leave the cleaning of oriental rugs and carpets to professionals, especially the antique ones. Why is it so? Cleaning these works of art that are woven history takes more than putting it into a washing machine and adding a fabric conditioner later. Persian rug cleaning requires special care that only the experts can provide.

When we bring in our Oriental rugs for cleaning, the first thing they do is check for any previous repairs done on it. Sometimes a certain part of the rug will need some stretching to restore it to its original shape. They also find out what type of dye and thread was used for the rug and the ones used in the repaired section. Special care is taken to ensure that the previously repaired section is not cleaned in the same way as the rest of the rug because each material and colour responds very differently. The same shade of colour respond very differently due to age and the materials used. Separating them ensures that after cleaning they are the same shade and not one part is lighter than the other.

Stains, on the other hand, need to be specifically identified. Just as one would not use Tylenol to treat flu, there is also a distinct way for removing each kind of stain. Stains are removed gradually to retain the integrity of the rug. Sometimes, it is best to restore the area rather than removing the stains. It is a case by case basis, depending on the kind of stain and severity.

Cleaning rugs is a very gradual process. Each part of the rug is like a distinct customer, they have their own need and wants. When this is not taken into consideration or ignored, the result would be ruin. There are some things in life that are not worth the gamble. These woven histories that may take years to make are one of them.