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Online scheduling software will make your business grow

Hi there,

I noticed that you share stories related to different online products so I thought I would send you an email to share my experience with BookSteam.com

First off, my name is Brad and my wife Kara and I own a small RV park in Southern Texas. As small business owner’s we pretty much do everything ourselves. My job is to do anything that needs doing. I stock the shelves with store supplies, clean the showers, mow the lawn and generally keep things going.  Kara runs the office. She takes appointments and arranges payments, etc.

Recently, Kara was tired of all the time spent on managing the office appointments. She was frustrated with the entire labor some process and wanted to find an easier way. A friend of hers recommended online appointment scheduling software, BookSteam.

Kara was smitten the moment she saw what one program will do. She immediately implemented it at our RV park and has been in love with it ever since. The first thing she did was use the web portal and connected it with our website. Now when people click the “make reservations” link they go directly to our BookSteam portal and make their own reservation. They can instantly see our availability and pick their spot. Kara chose to turn on the online payment option which allows our clients (with a valid credit card) to book their stay. This is a God send because it eliminates no shows. Kara used to spend hours on the phone and now scheduling software does all the work.

Another feature Kara really likes is the automated reminders. Several of our customers have commented that it helped them remember which day they were supposed to show up and what time check in is. All and all, I can’t say enough about the wonderful scheduling software. It has worked for us and I am sure it would work for a variety of other businesses.

Our daughter owns a landscape company and Kara has been telling her to try BookSteam’s 30 day free trial. She is sure it would help clients schedule their lawn care appointments with ease.

Anyway, just wanted to tell you how we were using the online appointment scheduling software and how much we like it.


Brad and Kara Hopper