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Online Marketing For Real Estate Agents – Best Social Media Tools To Boost Business

While dealing with the online world, it is quite easy to be overwhelmed and slightly lost at all the latest technology and tools that are available. And since most of them are low cost or completely free, you can feel nearly obligated to try them out and then simple cannot carry on with them anymore. As it is true that there are numerous social media portals on the Web, there are three best tools that completely stand out as being key for online marketing for real estate agents.

Facebook for Real Estate Agents

You certainly would have heard about Facebook! It is an amazing approach to connect with people around. There are people who use Facebook for personal as well as business purposes. Basically, your Facebook profile is for whom you are as a person, and your Facebook page is intended for your business. The best online marketing technique for the real estate agents is to create a Facebook page regarding their business. Invite family and friends to it to start building relationships with others and see what happens!

Twitter Profile

Twitter is one of the most popular social media portals these days. It is basically a ‘micro-blogging’ portal. You have 140 characters available to state your point. It is remarkable how much you can actually put into that small of a space. While you are using Twitter, it is great to follow the 80/20 rule: 80 percent relationship building with your followers and 20 percent promotion. All those who choose to follow your profile on Twitter will stop following you right away if all you talk about are your new listings and price reductions. Talk about your niche, post links to interesting things, and comment on what others state. Again, it is all about building relationships.

Active Rain

Being a real estate agent, you perhaps already are aware of the largest community of real estate agents online and those who work with them. ActiveRain provides you with an opportunity to connect with other real estate agents in your locality to learn, refer and share with others involved in the Real Estate industry. The portal also has groups that you can join to get to know others better or simply learn more about a particular aspect. And if you do not already have a blog, ActiveRain also provides a blogging platform so you can jump right on it.

Have you detected the theme here? Social media or online marketing is all about creating relationships with your target audience. And relationships are the key here for Real Estate Success!