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Office Interior Ideas To Boost Employee Morale

The office is every employee’s second home, and they spend at least 5 to 8 hours of their daily life at work. And just like our home, we also have to consider redesigning the office space to increase employee morale. Does this seem like a useful investment? The answer is a big YES. Research shows that the office interior has a direct impact on increased productivity. Needless to say, the happier the workforce, the more motivated they are to contribute to the company’s objectives. Imagine how this cheerful atmosphere can trickle down to the office culture as well as employee and customer relationships.

In addition to referring to the CDC’s office environment and worker safety and health information, here are a few office design ideas that you can consider should you decide to take your office space for an overhaul.

Improve the office lighting.

A research from the United Arab Emirates suggests that our moods can turn more positive if we spend more time under direct sunlight. When people get more access to natural light, they become more focused, alert, and productive in the workplace. So allow more light into the office and don’t let the blinds or curtains cover up your windows all the time. Alternatively, replace light bulbs with full-spectrum lights that can simulate the appearance of natural light.

Choose quality, comfortable furniture.

We spend many hours sitting at the desk, so why not choose office chairs that won’t leave the employees stiff and achy. More comfortable seats means less to no distraction while at work. No twisting around and looking for the best position to work from. In the long term, you can expect n increased output because employees don’t have to endure the pain, they’re happy, and they won’t be calling in sick because of a bad back or stiff neck. If you’re worried about the cost, try refurbished used office furniture that should look good as new.

Be creative in the office design.

Think out of the box and don’t let too much practicality get in the way of your office design ideas. Add some humor or light-hearted fun into the workplace through interesting decorations and ornaments, such as bobble heads, sports team flags, and stuffed toys. This is also a great way for you to connect with your employees and find out their interests. On the walls, you can hang funny office quotes or a bulletin board with photos of previous staff events. If you have a space for a common area, you can add a pool table or board games that won’t necessarily take your employees’ time and attention, but will be great ice-breakers when they are stressed out.

Update your equipment.

Slow computers and printer malfunctions can make any ordinary employee feel rage at work, or what is called “desk rage”. The average worker experiences this little anger at least twice a day and can make any employee weary by noon, typically. Productivity decreases and creates a negative atmosphere in the workplace. Regularly update and maintain equipment for your staff’s use to avoid the deep frustration it can cause to your employees. If you have machines that are always breaking down, freezing, or lagging, then it may be time to have them replaced with a newer model.

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