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Nursing Home Residents: Know Your Rights

Do you fully understand your rights as a resident of a nursing home? If your loved one is currently living in a nursing home but is not mentally able to manage or function at full capacity, it is your duty to ensure they are receiving the proper care they deserve.

Moving your loved one into a nursing home facility most often isn’t an easy decision to make in the first place. There comes a time when they require more constant care but your busy life schedule, whatever it may be, doesn’t allow you to personally fill the role of caretaker.

Choosing a nursing home for your loved one isn’t a decision taken lightly. You don’t just drive them to the nearest location available and drop them through the drive through as you pass by. This is a decision that took research, time and effort before choosing a winner. You look at the amenities provided, the reviews from past or present tenants, you compare prices, review the menus, and even walk through available rooms to see the sizes of the living space. You put your faith into the nursing home facility and their staff to give your loved one the utmost respect and care that you yourself would if you could. In some cases, nursing home staff promise you this as well. Some of your rights include:

  • Full access to a loved one’s living arrangements and details thereof
  • A safe living environment free from discrimination, neglect, and abuse
  • A right to complain the facility without fear of punishment or reprimand
  • Privacy unless patient is possible of harming one’s self this can be temporarily suspended to a certain point for the patients protection

But what happens when a nursing home facility violates your trust? When caretakers fail repeatedly at their duties leaving your loved one in life threatening danger, what do you do? A nursing home neglect attorney in Minnesota can give you the answers you are seeking and the justice you and your loved one deserve. It is never acceptable when abuse or neglect occurs under any circumstance. The nursing home facilities know the responsibilities they signed up for and all too often fall short.

When nursing home facilities violate your trust and your loved one has suffered injuries or even passed away due to their neglect or abuse, seek legal action immediately. Hold those responsible accountable for their actions or lack thereof. Honor your loved ones dignity by getting the justice they deserve. Fight back and help change the ever growing numbers of neglect and abuse in nursing homes.