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Numerology Helps To Rule In Life

Numerology is the ancient form of science and it has been ruling our lives for more than five thousand years. It is a way to gain knowledge about ourselves and the world we are living in. We all know that everything is a form of energy and the same is applied to numbers which are believed to be having their own personality and own way. This is the only reason why most people are drawn to a certain number and it somehow correlates with our names and date of birth. This form of science helps us know more about our own characteristics and traits and attributes and therefore manipulates in our decisions.

The Life Path Number

The number which plays one of the most significant roles in your life is your life path number which is derived from your birthday. It acts as a guide towards the upcoming challenges and the changes, the opportunities and the failures which are to be arising in your lives. Life path numbers are the single digit numbers other than the master numbers which are 11 and 22 and the Life path number is calculated by summation of the date, month and the year of your birth in to a single digit which defines your characteristics.

Traits of Different Life Path Number

  • Number 1- leader types, born with a purpose and are single minded, they go after what they want, some turn out to be creative and are very passionate.
  • Number 2- simple, sweet easygoing and loving. They are quite comforting and nurturing and so they turn out to be wonderful parents and friends but they are sometimes low on their level of confidence and are considered shy as most of them fail to speak their mind.
  • Number3-popular and charismatic sometimes they are the heart of the parties, very entertaining and are easy to be friends with, sensitive and soft at the heart and are persuasive.
  • Number4- responsible, abide the rules and work according to their goals in life, highly disciplined and conservative.
  • Number5-outsiders, taste for different and unnatural things, very lively, hardly keep themselves in the enclosure of rules and regulations and make money and friends very easily.
  • Number6-positive minded, optimistic and balanced, peaceful, always do the right things in life.
  • Number7- magical and weird of the lot, craving for deeper knowledge, wise, highly motivated, antisocial and introvert.
  • Number8-achievers of the incredible things, rich, no attachment to relationships, less responsible.
  • Number9-fight for the world, crave for social justice, romantic, enthusiastic, tough to commitment and are fluctuating.
  • Number11- emotional, sensitive, wants to make the world a better place, dreamers, sometimes intelligent and are focused.
  • Number22- incorporates the best in themselves from the above numbers, they have a massive thinking ability and they can bring changes in the world. They can be very good and very bad at the same time.

Need to Learn Numerology

  • Chaldean Numerology popular as the Name Numerology helps in calculation of the numbers hidden behind the name and the date of birth of a person.
  • Numbers or the Pythagorean Numerology is believed to be doing wonders in our lives by reflecting a few forces and once we are familiar with these forces it helps us to attain our goal easily.

In the same manner as other astrological activities takes a lot of time to master even Numerology involves practice and comes with years of reading.