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Nobu Condos – A Smart Investment

With every year passing on the calendar, condos are acquiring a larger share of the entire Toronto real estate market. The Toronto condo market has emerged as an incredible alternative to home ownership if you happen to be a first time real estate buyers or are considering downgrading to your present real estate investment due to the changes in your personal finances or other external factors.

With the Downtown Toronto condos being hot, several construction companies out there have helped to fuel condominium construction boom in the GTA that has been under way for more than 8 years now. The outcome of that construction has made a massive influx of people moving into the downtown core so that they can live and work at peace of mind.

An interesting fact: Toronto is the number 1 city in North America when it comes to Condo Construction and availability.

Clearly the people of Toronto along with the new home construction companies out there are indicating it to us that the people of Toronto are looking for more affordable and amazing options to live Downtown.

The average price of a Condo in Toronto in year 2016 has passed more than $400,000. As the average Condo prices are rising at this number with each passing year, it is clearly much lower than an average cost of a new home in the city of Toronto.

The number of house sales in the Downtown area, when you include new as well as resale condominiums in the mix, greatly exceeds the ones in other parts of Toronto and also experiences more competition from buyers helping to drive up the prices for real estate in the downtown area in general.

Buying Nobu condos does not have to feel like you are ‘settling for anything less’ as these Nobu Residences come with finest and first rate amenities like a sizable terrace, a true loft, a great view, a location that is close to public transit or perhaps even a gym or swimming pool in the building.

If this happens to your first foray into real estate ownership or you are a homeowner already who would prefer going down with your debt load then you can have confidence that investing in Nobu Residences will be a smart investment decision.

Toronto surely has earned its reputation as the leading market for Condos in N. America with more than 300 projects planned or already under construction.