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Need To Start Your Own Maid Services? The Ultimate Guide Is The Answer

Maid services are becoming more and more popular. This is because people have become so busy that getting time to keep their homes clean has become almost impossible. Moreover, they need to spend time with their families. Sometimes, one may need the services for items like carpets. Provision of maid services is undoubtedly a great niche to venture into. But before you go for it head-first, here is how to start a successful venture:

1. Identify the essential personal traits

  • determination
  • willingness
  • dedication
  • honesty

Before you even delve into the details of the type of service you intend to provide, you need to identify some essential personal traits for your venture to be successful. You must have the determination to see the business work through thick and thin. You also must be willing to go to great extents to ensure customer satisfaction. Without dedication to provision of excellent services, your business will not thrive. Above all, be honest when handling client’s property. Don’t steal and avoid damage as much as possible.

2. Identify basic business skills

  • administration requirements
  • time management
  • interpersonal relationships

Identifying the basic business skills you have is a great advantage. You will need to know what administration work a business requires, manage time, and deal with customers and employees, if you will not do the cleaning yourself.

3. Prepare a business plan.

– definition

– niche

– services

– entry strategy

A business plan entails a definition of the business, that is the niche, services to provide, and the entry strategies, like pricing and delivery. You will also include a market analysis, competition, marketing plan, a financial analysis and plan. It is important to be very specific when it comes to the type of services you intend to provide. For instance, you may list sweeping, cleaning bathrooms, dusting, disinfecting surfaces, cleaning windows, and laundry.

4. Get funding

There are a number of sources for funding. You could use your assets such as vehicles, collections, savings accounts, and even credit cards as collateral for a loan, or sell the assets for cash. Other sources include funds from friends and family, government programs, and partners.

5. Choose a catchy name for your business

What’s in a name? We’ve heard this phrase many times. A name that arouses interest or that showcases your business’s core values is a first for your business.

6. Register your catchy name

After choosing your name; register it with the relevant department in your location.

7. Get a license

Inquire details about license acquisition from the organization that deals with it in your town or location.

8. Get liability insurance

It is important to get liability insurance. If any damage or injury results from your maid cleaning services, then your assets will be protected.

9. Get bonded

This is a form of insurance that protects your clients, if any property is stolen by you or your employees, or if a job is not well done. It is also applicable in case of fraud, for instance, if you had hidden charges unknown to the clients.

11. Get some experience

Potential clients will need an assurance and proof of your ability to provide excellent services. You must also come forth as reliable. They need to ensure that their property is in safe hands. The best way to build a great portfolio is to volunteer at an already established company, if you are doing the cleaning yourself. You can also clean your friends’ or families’ homes.

12. Consider whether you need employees

This will depend on the amount of capital you have, the size of business you intend to set up, the number of customers you intend to provide your maid services to, and whether you will be doing the cleaning yourself. If you choose to only handle the administrative work, you will need employees to clean. If you do both, then employees may not be necessary.

13. Purchase equipment and relevant supplies

Depending on whether you are cleaning the house yourself, or whether employees will be involved, purchase basic equipment like brooms, buckets, and mops, sponges, cleaners, disinfectants, and extension rods. You could also purchase a vacuum cleaner, especially where the clients do not require you to use theirs.

14. Seek customers

There are many ways to market your maid services. If you have the cash, you can put up an ad in the local dailies. Cheaper forms will be using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For instance, you can create a Facebook page, or even post your business’s photos on Instagram. Paying for ads on the web is another strategy. You can also use offline methods like phone directory ads, and notices on boards. Word of mouth will not cost you a dime.

15. Get a vehicle

Since your business is most likely to be home based, get a vehicle. This will help you provide better services, and reach your clients’ premises on time, without much inconvenience. It will also come in handy, as you need to carry equipment.

This may seem like a daunting a process. But if you want to provide high quality maid services and be successful, would you rather go for trial and error?

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