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What You Need To Set Up A Home Office

In the past, the home office was an afterthought- confined to a nook, corner or basement. Now, many people telecommute and work from home.

While working from home is great, it does present its own set of challenges- many of which center on your dedicated workspace. Here are a few essentials you will need to ensure maximum productivity.


If you have ever owned a Smartphone then you know how these devices are able to organize and simplify your life. This is a huge part of being your own boss. This will also give you the ability to check emails and other important business functions when you are out and about. The camera on the phone will also allow you to take pictures that you can easily upload to social media pages.


This is another essential that you do not want to miss with your home office. You want to make sure that you have one that can handle all your daily needs. For instance, you may be tempted to go with a netbook because they are lighter and easier to carry, but in the long run if it will not do all that you need it to do, it simply is not worth it. You will also want to make sure that you are buying the right software for the computer as well. For example, if you need to send Word documents then you will need to have Microsoft Office software for the computer. You will also need to install other applications such as Skype, which will allow you to keep in contact and easily join into meetings.


While it is perfectly possible to accomplish your at home goals in your pajamas, this may not be the best strategy. By getting dressed and ready for work you will be more productive and ready to work than if you had stayed in your pajamas. The nice thing with this is that you will be ready to leave at a moment’s notice to meet a client or take care of other business. You want to choose a uniform, or personal dress code that works for your business.

Office Supplies

It is a good idea to go with office supplies that are colorful, as these can help to keep you alert and brighten up your day. You want to make your office match your style in every way possible so that when you sit down you will be happy to get work done. You will also want your office supplies to be functional. Organization is key to a successful office space. Keep this in mind when choosing office supplies.

A Desk Chair

Since you will spend a lot of time sitting in your desk chair, it is important to go with one that will not only give you he support you are looking for but that will be comfortable as well. While you do not need to spend a ton of money, you do not want to simply use a spare chair from your dining room. You can find a great chair in a used furniture store or even online. It is also good to look for a chair that spins so you will be able to easily get to other items and take care of tasks around you.

Small Notebook

You never know when a brilliant idea is going to strike and when it does you need to have something to write it down on. This is the perfect solution. With this, it can also be good for taking notes when you are working.


Music helps the time go by faster and can help to relieve the boredom of the workday. While you do not want to listen to music while on phone calls, if you do not have to be 100% attention committed then this can be a great option.

The right home office environment can improve productivity and ensure success at home and on the job. Create your own space and make sure you have these office essentials and you’re on your way.