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Monitoring Social Media Through Google Alerts

Social media pages are very powerful tools for marketing, small organization can even use this simple tool to build up their brand. With a little work and creative ideas you can create a major impact on your audience. The impact of social media pages is so strong that even big organizations are using them to attract new customers.

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Since social media can do so much for your brand you must be very careful about them too, you must try to keep a record of all what is happening on social media pages, you should keep a record of what people are saying about your brand and what new thing is becoming trend in the market.

Simple steps for getting google alerts:

If you want to keep an eye on what is happening on social media pages then you don’t have to do much, well people have been using Google for social media monitoring the steps are very simple and can be followed by you.

  • Go to the google alert page:

The first thing that you must do is to open up the google alert page; you can do it very easily by visiting the official website for the google alert. Once on the page you can look up for whatever category you want to work at.

The google page will ask you about which particular result you are looking for, it is advised that you select the everything option as it will allow you to see the results of every type of content available on internet, be it videos, blogs, pictures anything.

  • Select suitable frequency :

Once you select your desired results it’s time to decide how frequently you want the data, since internet is being used every second, new data is received too. You can have this data as soon as the event occurs; all you have to do is select the right frequency.

  • Give an address:

Once you decide what data you want, you must decide how you want this data and for this you must select a medium. You can give your email to google so that they would send you the result when concluded.

Other options for monitoring media activities:

Google alerts may give you a raw result of what is happening but when it comes to business one wants perfect results and for that you must use media monitoring feature, this will allow you to see the results of all relevant websites be it social media pages, customer review sites etc. this complete data helps you judge better and understand the market better.