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Does Mirena Cause Weight Gain?

The question that is mostly asked by women who make use of mirena is, ‘does mirena cause weight gain?’ The answer to this question is that mirena considerably alters the woman’s body’s natural hormonal balance, and therefore several side effects pop up, and some arise after the insertion, but most of the obvious side effects generally occur after the mirena has been removed.

One of the most commonly occurring side effects includes the inexplicable hormonal weight gain, generally in the form of additional fat on the buttocks, thighs, hips, and belly. Some other prime side effects that come along are unexplained anger, depression, mood swings, cramping, spotting, bleeding, constant fatigue, acne, and lack of sex drive. Not every woman is being able to or will notice similar side effects; different women will have different kind of side effects, but mirena weight gain tops them all along with depression and heavy bleeding after IUD.

Weight gain after mirena

How does the mirena IUD cause weight gain? This is because the mirena IUD releases progestin, which is a synthetic hormone that closes down the body’s natural generation of its very own hormone called as progesterone. Progesterone is one of the hormones that is beneficial in making a female a woman and it is very much responsible for the woman’s femininity and uphold the feminine traits, just like it is in men, the testosterone hormone makes a man masculine and acquire masculine characteristics. Therefore, once the mirena IUD is being placed, it prevents the production of the natural hormone progesterone, and the body’s hormones get out of balance, and hence different side effects show up, out of which weight gain is the most popular one.

For others, weight gain does not generally begin until after the mirena IUD is completely removed. Once the IUD is being removed, the body is not getting the synthetic hormone progestin production in the body via mirena, yet it is unable to generate the natural progesterone hormone on its own. The deficiency of sufficient progesterone even cause numerous problems in the woman’s body, eventually leading to storage of more fat and instigating excessive weight gain.

One other aspect that is very much liable for the weight gain after the mirena has been removed is due to raised estrogen levels, particularly the ‘bad’ estrogen, which is a condition called as the estrogen dominance.

It is imperative that you get rid of all the mirena side effects as soon as possible and lose weight rapidly, efficiently and naturally. Moreover, bring down the bad estrogen levels and try to get them down to a healthy level as soon as possible.