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Medical Malpractice suit by Johnny Lee Banks Jr.

A lawyer who is representing two doctors from Birmingham, Alabama who have been accused of removing a man’s penis without his consent has come back to call the man’s claims “sensational”.

Drs. Vincent Michael Bivins and Alan Aikens have been named in the medical malpractice suit by Johnny Lee Banks Jr. and his wife who allege that what should have been a routine circumcision actually resulted in the man being left without a penis. The couple are suing the doctors, Princeton Baptist Medical Center where the procedure took place and their medical groups claiming that the surgical error is a case of medical negligence.

Banks was a patient of Bivens who treated him prior to going into hospital for what he thought would be a simple circumcision. The procedure was to be performed by Aikens. One of the lawyers hired to represent the doctors has called the allegations completely false. Both doctors are facing claims of medical malpractice and negligence.